Khloé is the youngest sister of older Kardashian clan and arguably the most relatable. Well, she technically ranks as the middle child with the addition of the Jenner sisters.

Who would’ve thought that a super-reality TV star would be someone so relatable? Even though she has experienced some missteps during her career, she’s outspoken and humorous, but also just like most of us at the same time.

To celebrate her birthday, Reality Titbit has gathered some of her best moments. Read to find out!

Happy 38th birthday, Khloé!

Family is everything

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Whenever it comes to family, she will always stick to their side no matter what. Even if they’re right or wrong. What fans love about her personality is that it wouldn’t matter where she would be in the moment, but she would leave immediately to be with them.

She has grown attached to every single one of the five siblings and 10 nephews and nieces. So, if anyone messes with any of them, they will be messing with her as well.

Keeping her reactions 100% genuine, always

*Warning: strong adult language*

If there’s anything that makes Khloé stands out the most out of the five sisters, it’s whenever she finds herself in a good or bad situation, Khloé will give the most honest answer without thinking twice. The funniest thing is that she says it directly without hesitation or regrets, and knows she is right.

Throughout the course of its 20 seasons (plus one with The Kardashians), the 38-year-old has spouted the best lines, and most of them if not all of them have had fans thinking the same thing.

Speaks out against trolls

As part of the most followed family in the show business, it’s inevitable viewers will make a comment on them. On and off-screen, the Kardashian family is followed by fans and media. And of course, the internet will always have a say on their good and bad actions.

However, Khloé will never ever allow haters and trolls to say spread fake news about herself, her family, or her closest friends. If anyone does, she isn’t afraid to respond.

Dealing with heartbreak – more than once

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Let’s be real, Khloé hasn’t had the best luck when it comes to relationships. Her heartbreaks have been televised and as they have been in the public eye, there has been “unsolicited commentary”, as she would say.

Still, despite all of her hardships and disappointments, Khloé would give second and third chances because she would always see the good in each person despite their mistakes.

Nevertheless, the 38-year-old showed a personal and sensitive side over her recent relationship breaking down on The Kardashians. But it’s a reality TV show, so what’s there to hide?

Surviving in a body-conscious world

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Comparing the last seasons of Keeping Up with The Kardashians and the first of The Kardashians, there is a very noticeable difference in Khloé’s appearance.

Although she’s the most extroverted sibling in the family, Khloé struggled a lot whenever it came to her body image. It’s not a nice feeling when trolls and viewers of the show would attack and comment on how she looks. Nonetheless, she stopped comparing herself to the rest of her sisters and just focused on herself. Not for anyone, but for Khloé.

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