The latest episode of The Kardashians was full of drama and one saga seemed to be about a peacock. Yes, you read that one right. Khloé Kardashian was unhappy with her mother Kris Jenner for trying to buy her a peacock from Martha Stewart, saying that her mom just wanted to hang out with Stewart and it actually had nothing to do with the bird.

Kris and Khloe visited the peacock farm – which Khloe didn’t seem into at all – and to make it worse the bird ended IP flying away leaving Javier the farmer with one less peacock than he started with.

Since the episode aired, fans on Twitter have been talking about Peacock-gate non-stop and they want to know what happened to the fleeing bird.

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Dubai Bling | Official Trailer | Netflix

Kris wanted to buy Khloe a Peacock

Before they attended the peacock farm, Kris starts asking questions about this mythical peacock named Petey that Khloé supposedly owned before, however, the Good America CEO butts in to clarify that she did not in fact own a peacock and that Petey was just a wild peacock that would wander into her yard.

By this point, it was already too late as mother and daughter were already on the way to Stewart’s peacock farm, looking for a peacock for Kris to give to Khloe as a gift. However, the experience wasn’t quite as thrilling for the Kardashian as it was for her mother. “You were the one who wanted this, I have no idea where this came from,” Khloe told Jenner on the farm. Khloe continued:

You just wanted a reason to have Martha Stewart over for lunch. None of this made sense to me at all. I’ve never once talked about a big bird. I don’t like birds in general.

The peacock flees the farm

After arriving at Stewart’s peacock farm, they were introduced to Javier who was trying his hardest to sell the birds, saying to the duo that the screeches are a beautiful sound to hear in the evenings.

He takes out one of the birds, and it instantly flies off, sending Khloé screaming and running after it. The mother of two is clearly mortified and profusely apologizing for losing Javier’s bird, but it doesn’t seem like Khloé’s really at fault — the peacock just made a break for it.

Fans want to know what happened to the peacock

Understandably, since the episode was released, fans took straight to Twitter to share their thoughts and they also want to know what happened to the bird on the farm. One person said:

Khloe chased after the peacock as if she was gonna be able to catch it! I am howling and it’s not even 8 AM.

Another chimed in, “That’s some real rich people sh** to gift someone a fuckin Peacock.. I love it.” A third said, “I aspire to be so cool that I can invite @MarthaStewart over for a casual lunch, convince her to pretend she’s my chef and have her pitch me a sale on peacocks.”

However, other fans of the show wanted to know what happened to the bird, saying, “I am genuinely concerned for that peacock, where did it go?! Did it come back?”



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