Khloé Kardashian is seeking an expensive skin treatment which targets wrinkles, after seeing sister Kim’s incredible transformation – the results are spectacular!

Kim Kardashian may have said she would “eat poop every single day” if it would make her look younger. We’re not sure Khloé would do the same, she prefers to seek an expensive facial which targets wrinkles.

Thankfully, neither of them need to go to extremes to prevent aging, thanks to the help of Dr. Ashkan Ghavami.

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Khloé seeks expensive treatment which targets wrinkles

Khloé is popular for her chiseled cheekbones and while she has great bone structure, her facial contours are certainly tightened by facials. With all the drama that goes on in their lives, the Kardashians love to relax and unwind with facials. Therefore, Khloe has taken a trip to a facial therapist to give her a boost of ageless beauty.

Khloé often gives tips on how to achieve her glowing, smooth skin and her most recent venture is getting facials, as seen in her recent Instagram stories. Kardashian also shared her advice on how to achieve wrinkle free skin when pairing up with her sister Kylie Jenner in her “best beauty secrets” vlog.

Kardashian admitted that her best beauty tip is to put sunscreen on her hands. As Kylie hyped her up: “I think people need to know this about you, like your hands, look like you’re 17 years old. She has the best, youngest hands.”

“I have sunscreen in all of my cars, because [when you’re driving] . . . the sun is beaming on your hands. Your hands and your neck tell your age.”

How the Kardashians achieve ageless beauty

The beauty moguls have shared several videos to their Instagram followers, as they lay on a treatment table and an aesthetician massages their cheek. One of Kims favourites is Candice Miele of @candicethefacialist, who, according to her Instagram, specializes in facial tightening.

Kim once shared a video of herself having a facial at home with Candice. While she was meant to be taking a relaxing moment to herself, her kids burst into the room and run and jump onto the bed with her best friend La La Anthony. Kim told her followers: “Hey guys I’m getting a facial and these animals come into my room.”

Kim’s unbelievable skin results from BBL and MOXI

Khloé has decided to copy Kim in seeking an expensive facial treatment to give her a youthful glow. This seems to have come after Kim shared an Instagram Story of her recent visit to Dr. Ghavami’s office, to get a BBL Photofacial aka Broadband Light Photofacial and SCITON’s MOXI Laser treatment.

The sisters seek these treatments as they are designed to target sun damage, skin discoloration and reduce pore size.Kim shared an image of herself sitting in the chair at Dr. Ghavami’s clinic as her face was covered in numbing cream.

The Dr then explained what results she could expect from the treatment. The BBL Photofacial uses light rather than a laser and the machine sends a beam of light under your skin to target skin discoloration from sun damage. The procedure is not painful or invasive.

The SCITON MOXI facial is a laser, so it works well on people who have pigmented skin. It is also effective in combination with the BBL, as the MOXI laser stimulates the collagen and tightens the pores.

However, Ghavami revealed to People that your face may feel like “sandpaper” for a couple of days because all of the “breaks in your skin are healing.”


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