Yesterday, (Wednesday, June 1st), saw the release of the eighth instalment of ‘The Kardashians’.

Throughout the new series, fans have been eager to learn the details of Kim Kardashian’s most recent relationship with comedian Pete Davidson.

And last night, they got exactly that.

Kim was clearly in the mood for sharing, as she candidly revealed all about her relationship with Pete. In particular, she revealed just what it was that first attracted her to Pete.

Warning, it wasn’t as wholesome as you may think…

Read on to find out the details of how Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson got together and what is meant by ‘BDE’.

Kim Kardashian explains foundations of Pete Davidson relationship

After separating from Kanye West in early 2021, it was hard to predict who Kim Kardashian’s next partner would be.

When it transpired in late 2021 that Kim was seeing SNL comedian Pete Davidson, the whole world was shocked.

However, as per episode eight of The Kardashians, which is streaming on Disney +, it would appear the couple are meant to be.

Discussing her relationship with the Staten Island funnyman, Kim described Pete as “Really thoughtful and humble and genuine”.

Kim went on to say Pete is “literally the best human being” she’s ever met.

It would appear that Kim couldn’t be happier!

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What Kim Kardashian meant by ‘BDE’

In among Kim’s heartwarming comments about Pete, there was one remark which will have likely raised some eyebrows.

When asked to describe how the pairing first got together, Kim detailed how she had asked for Pete’s number from an SNL producer.

She explained how when she first reached out to Pete, she did so as she “heard about this BDE, need to get out there.”

For anyone who doesn’t spend too much time on the internet, ‘BDE’ of course stands for ‘Big d**k energy’, a compliment given to someone whose personality would suggest they have a big you-know-what.

Being assigned as having BDE would be a compliment from anyone, especially the queen of reality TV Kim Kardashian.

We bet Pete Davidson was a particularly big fan of last night’s episode…

Kim and Pete are spotted in London

Outside of the TV, the pair have been spotted out and about a lot recently.

This week saw Kim and Pete, or Kete, cross the pond in a trip to London.

Read about what they got up to on their date night in the capital here.

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