Kim Kardashian fans are convinced they’ve worked out what her next money-making venture is as she recently sported some lengthy stick-on nails.

Kim K has long opted for stick-on talons as they are easy to use, as she admitted to Allure in June 2022: “I can’t do long nails.”

The short nails are a practical necessity for the mom of four, as the aspiring lawyer admitted: “They’re usually just taped on for a shoot or the night,” she continued, “When I have my nails on, everyone will laugh. They’ll be like ‘nothing you’re saying on text makes sense.’”

Let’s take a look as Kardashian fans make their predictions for Kim’s next brand as she ditches her classic short nude nails for a bright stiletto-shaped manicure.

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Kardashian ditches classic short nails for a bright stiletto shape

In a recent Instagram Story, Kim showed off her long green nails and explained that they were press-on, before posting an Instagram photo on Friday, November 17, showing off her green claws.

Kardashian had a range of custom press-ons done by celebrity nail technician Kim Truong (kimkimnails), including one set of French tips and a neon green. 

Kim K fans convinced they’ve worked out next money-making venture

The Kardashian clan always manages to find a gap in the market and many fans of the beauty mogul believe she is hinting at a future venture. Many have suggested that she could be coming out with her own line of press on false nails.

Fans flooded the comments section quizzing the SKIMS founder on her business plans, with one asking: “When are the press-ons being released Kim?” While another wrote: “I would totally wear a Kim K press-ons.” One comment that garnered over 1,000K likes states: “Who else thinks she’s coming out with a press-on line??”

Other celebrities applauded the nail look and felt it was relatable as Kim’s bestie Alison Statter agreed press ons are “for life” whilst Yris Palmer wrote: “I’ve been on that press on life too”

Khloé Kardashian disapproves of Kim’s press on nails

Khloé called out Kim for wearing pink french manicure stick on nails to the Baby2Baby gala on Saturday, November 12. Kim was accepting the organization’s Giving Tree Award and after the event, she shared a snap to her Instagram Story of the press-on nails lying on a table.

Khloé then reposted it to her own Instagram Story with Tyra Banks‘ iconic ANTM quote in reference to her nails: “I was rooting for you!!! We were all rooting for you!!! How dare you!!! Tyra.”

Khloé throws shade at Kim’s nails on Instagram

We all know how much Khloé Kardashian loves her long acrylic nails and often gets her manicures done by nail technician Chaun Legend. However, she is embarrassed by her sister for wearing press-on nails and has even mocked Kim for opting for the cheap and easy option.

The Good American founder, 38, took to her Instagram Story on Thursday, November 17, asking followers: “Am I related to this person?” She then panned the camera down showing Kim’s sets of stick-on nails as she showed off her own glitter silver acrylics. Khloé then picked up the press-on nails before dropping them back onto the counter laughing.


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