Kim Kardashian and her photos are subject to Photoshop accusations once again. However, fans have come to defend the reality star over the stunning SKNN promo images. Followers have pointed out how they are more natural than usual.

Beauty trendsetter Kim has come under fire in the latest Kardashian unconfirmed Photoshop saga, and SKNN’s recent photos are the focus.

America’s most famous family is no stranger to editing speculation, as fans have carefully analyzed their allegedly curved backgrounds in uploads.

The famous sisters have both denied and admitted individual rumors, though Kim has yet to respond to the latest accusations.

Fans defend Kim K’s “raw” portraits

Kim Kardashian wears a black turtle neck sweater speaking in The Kardashians season 2 trailer
Screenshot from official Hulu YouTube channel – The Kardashians Season 2 | Official Trailer | Hulu

With a neat swipe of her $85 face cream on her left cheek, the SKKN By Kim founder flaunted her glossy lips and perfectly-curled eyelashes for the brand’s latest images. Who could forget about her baby-smooth skin, the stand-out feature that makes her the poster girl for a skincare company?

Although unconfirmed, Kim’s skin is seemingly make-up-free as her texture is clearly visibly, pores and all. No matter how small they are. It’s not the usual look fans are used to, but it’s a refreshing break from her usual glamorous posts.

Kim didn’t tag any makeup artist on the upload, hinting that she has indeed gone au naturale. Some people are just blessed with fluttering lashes and full brows, though her beauty treatments have kept her skin in tip-top shape.

Despite baring her pores, one fan has speculated some Photoshop magic; “Soo much editing,” they claimed. This time, however, fans are Team Kim as they defend the brand’s most natural images yet.

One commented: “You can see all of her pores though. It doesn’t look like they did much.”

“I actually thought it was much less edited than normally!” another admitted.

A user concluded that the Kardashians are usual suspects of editing so many skip to conclusions at every occasion.

“I think people just jump on that bandwagon of saying ‘Photoshopped’ or ‘editing’ simply because she’s a Kardashian,” they wrote. “They haven’t even looked at the photo.”

Do you think there’s “so much editing”?

That time the internet thought Kim erased her belly button

If you have a belly button insecurity, don’t put that on Kim. One of the craziest rumors the reality star ever encountered was the claim she edited her navel out of her image.

“Come on guys…. Seriously! This is so dumb! Claiming I photoshopped out my belly button????” she wrote in April 2022.

Advertising her shapewear, Kim cleverly transitioned: “Belly button insecurities?! Well… why don’t you head on over to to conceal that saggy belly button of yours with a great pair of high-waisted underwear like I did! you’re welcome!!!” She learned her skills from Kris Jenner.

Reality Titbit has contacted Kim Kardashian’s representatives for comment.



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