Kim Kardashian was determined to get her body into Marilyn Monroe’s dress for the Met Gala 2022. So when the opportunity came, she went to get access to the iconic outfit but was refused… until Kris Jenner got involved.

The dress, which was bought by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not for $4.8 million in 2016, initially declined Kim’s request to wear the original dress to the Met Gala. However, the Kardashian was determined to get her hands on the gown.

With the help of mom Kris, Kim managed to get what she wanted after a call was made. So, it’s all really thanks to the Jenner for that unforgettable look which her daughter brought to the red carpet on that prestigious evening.

The 2022 Met Gala Celebrating "In America: An Anthology of Fashion" - Red Carpet
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Kim K in Marilyn Monroe’s dress

Kim, who had plans to actually skip the Met Gala due to not thinking she could top 2021’s Balenciaga look, promptly changed her mind after she thought of a one-of-a-kind dress. She said:

When I thought of this idea I immediately called Julien’s Auctions, cause I knew that’s who sold it. Julien’s Auctions said we sold it to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and we will put you in contact with them. The conversation went amazing. They said that I can try on the dress.

The Kardashian admitted how fascinated she is with Marilyn as she did things “her way.” Kim added: “She transformed herself to be this complete icon and now everyone on the planet knows who she is. Much respect.”

However, after being sent a replica, Kim revealed she could not try on the original if it doesn’t fit. She confessed she didn’t know how to convince them that she can fit into the dress like she has with other fashion brands’ clothing.

The replica ended up fitting the Kardashian, who claimed it was a “little big.” However, she later tried on the OG dress which didn’t go over her hips, and told her sisters that Ripley’s had “pulled the whole thing from me.”

Kris helped secure Met Gala 2022 look

Momager Kris came to Kim‘s rescue by putting in a convincing call. The preview for next week’s eighth episode of The Kardashians reveals Kim flew to Florida to try on the Marilyn dress at Ripley’s.

“They weren’t even gonna let me try it on, until Kris Jenner called,” Kim said, as she continues her intense workouts to lose enough weight to fit into the dress – with four days left until the Met Gala.

She added: “I have honestly been working my ass off. I will be crushed if this doesn’t pay off.” It really did, though, as Ripley’s ended up loaning the dress to Kim for the prestigious night!

The 2022 Met Gala Celebrating "In America: An Anthology of Fashion" - Arrivals
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Marilyn Monroe’s height

Marilyn was 5ft 6in (1.68m) in height, while Kim is a fair amount shorter, at 5ft 2in (1.57m). It is said the icon wore a UK size 16, but in today’s dress sizes which are generally cut bigger, she would have worn a size 10/12, Forbes reports.

Kim was seen showing her stylist and tailor on The Kardashians that she had to put on her “tallest stripper shoes” to fully pull off the dress because Marilyn is “so much taller than me.”

She claimed she can “squeeze into anything” during an episode of The Kardashians. “I’ve Googled her measurements, I’m looking at my measurements, the width of my shoulders and my body makes me like a shape shifter,” said Kim.

Sleepy Marilyn
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