Kim Kardashian’s ‘teenager’ jeans vibes are ongoing as she posed for pictures with Natalie June Halcro. Fans are slamming the 42-year-old for “dressing like a teen.” Plus, who is Natalie Halcro to Kim?!

She sported a black bikini with low-rise denim, topped off with a long braid and slick back hair. Like most things on Kim Kardashian‘s Instagram, she’s faced with fury from her followers. As a busy mom and entrepreneur in her forties, nothing will stop the reality TV queen from dressing how she wants.

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Kim Kardashian’s ‘teenager’ era

Kim Kardashian’s low-rise jeans have fans thinking she’s going through her ‘teenager’ era in her forties. She’s been working on her fitness and has been showing off her slim waist in multiple snaps recently.

Since she split from Kanye West, who often styled her, Kim has worked for huge brands such as Dolce & Gabbana as a creative director. So she certainly knows a thing or two about fashion!

A Reddit thread dedicated to Kim’s fashion highlights saw a fan write: “Her new style always feels a bit dated, feels like I’ve already seen the outfit in some random influencer.”

Who is Natalie Halcro?

Natalie June Halcro is one of Kim’s best friends and cousins. The social media star first gained fame through the E! TV show WAGS and is a mother who gave birth to her first child on February 4, 2020.

She occasionally stars on The Kardashians alongside Kim. The influencer and model runs a podcast with Kim’s cousin Olivia Pierson, also seen in Kim’s recent snaps, called The Relatively Nat & Liv.

From Canada, 34-year-old Natalie is the daughter of Kris Jenner’s sister, Karen Houghton. She has grown an impressive 4.7 million Instagram followers and is the co-founder of three businesses with her cousin.

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Fans slam Kim for throwback trend

When Kim posted a series of snaps with her friends, it was her outfit that followers had a reaction to. Many feel she’s dressing like a teenager, but some reckon she genuinely looks younger.

One Kardashian fan wrote in response: “Y’all are not teens anymore.” Another penned in the photo comments: “She’s 42. Why is she dressing like a teenager?”

“Dang! She keeps looking younger and younger. She legit looks younger than Kylie,” reacted a follower. A fellow fan agreed and wrote: “You look so young here Kim.”


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