Kim Kardashian revealed that she’s never had lip fillers and eyelash extensions when being asked about what plastic surgery she did, but the controversy around her appearance never really ends.

In a recent interview with Allure, the 41-year-old businesswoman made a confession about the plastic surgery she has and hasn’t had. She claims that she has never had any filler on her face, and her eyelashes are real.

Since Kim K entered the public eye, one of the hottest topics around her are the tweaks she’s made to her face and body. Despite several clarifications she’s made, the public has never been certain about her nearly-unattainable appearance.

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Kim K’s Plastic Surgery Confession

Kim Kardashian’s face is in the latest cover story for Allure. This time, she had an in-depth conversation about her journey to be a lawyer, her ‘sassier’ blonde hair and long nails, her weight loss for the Monroe gown, the beauty standard she led, and…her beauty secrets.

When questioned about what she has on her face right now, the glamourous star answers “a bit of botox”. She says she never uses fillers and denies doing anything to her eyelashes and eyebrows.

However, Kim admits that she “genuinely cares for looking good” more than others. To make herself look better, the mother of four usually has laser treatments after her kids go to bed. She confirms that she is willing to take “a bit of poop every single day” if it makes her look younger.

We can still detect a subtle change in Kim K’s attitude toward beauty. Though she still wants to look gorgeous and youthful, she’s okay with her “wrinkly and gross” hands. According to Kim, now she’s “at peace with not being perfect”.

A Timeline of Kim’s Plastic Surgery Myths

Kim is known for her hard-to-achieve outward appearance. That’s why people have always questioned how much cosmetic surgery she’s had done.

Kim’s Butt Getting Checked by X-Ray From Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Kim’s hourglass body shape is one of the main targets. In 2011, during Season 6 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim got her butt X-rayed to prove it was real.

The test result showed that there were no implants in her butt. Kim proudly announced her result and ‘showed the world’ that her bottom is all-natural.

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Besides her super curvy body, Kim is also suspected of having fillers on her cheeks and lips, as her face looks more rounded and fuller than a few years ago. Dr David told US Magazine, that Kim may have done thermal energy-based treatment along her neck and jawline to lift and tighten her face. In Radar, Dr Zara Harutyunyan exposed that Kim is likely to do rhinoplasty to make her nose look smaller and “the tip more pointy”.

In response to the rising rumour, Kim said: “It’s all contour. I love contouring, and I love contouring my nose.”

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