Kim Kardashian has been accused of ‘greenwashing’ fan days before her new skincare brand SKKN launches.

With just days away ahead of the release, he beauty mogul is already not having a good start. Followers have claimed the brand has some form of ‘wasteful’ packaging with their refill initiative.

Since the news of Kim’s latest brand went out, the official Instagram account of SKKN has been releasing exclusive content to build up the fans’ excitement before launch. Nonetheless, fans have been taking notes and delivering feedback on every post.

The latest SKKN backlash includes their use of refillable packaging that doesn’t reportedly look “environmentally changing” at all.

Kim jumps into another business venture

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On June 1st, Kim shared the good news with her 319 million Instagram followers. She announced she would be jumping on into her latest business venture and releasing her own skincare line, SKKN.

From listing the benefits of the products to the process of creating them, fans of the reality star have been able to see more behind-the-scenes content ahead of its launch on June 21st, 2022.

SKKN by Kim offers nine products, with the costs varying from $43 to $95. And the whole collection is just under $600. To make her brand more environmentally friendly, the mom-of-four introduced the benefit of refilling the products instead of buying the whole item again. The refill option cuts down the price by a couple of dollars.

“Miss Kimmy K, this is not refillable”

SKKN has promoted the brand to have “sustainable” packaging. A video appears to demonstrate how to insert the re-fillable product by adding the new item into the re-usable outer layer container.

Fans were disappointed to find out that the band is more wasteful than what they have been advertising. Kim has been accused of “greenwashing” fans.

TikTok account Megan McSherry, who is an environmental activist and supportive of eco-fashion, called out the 41-year-old reality star. She posted a 12-second clip reacting to the video demonstration of how to “renew the empties.” As the video went viral on the social media platform, fans questioned the brands’ environmental products.


@SKKN BY KIM i am available for consulting to make your packaging actually refillable (or at least revise your claims so you aren’t greenwashing) 😉 #greenwashing #skkn #greenscreenvideo

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I don’t get it either. The inner container is still waste. Like how is this environmental friendly? What am I missing here?,” a fan wrote.

A second one commented: “That is the least sustainable ritual I have ever seen.”

Another asked: “I’m so confused on the purpose of the outer container? Do you send the inner container back for a refill?”

Refill options are becoming popular with big brands as a way to help reduce waste with their products. Many online companies, including skincare, offer an option as a refill over buying the entire package for repeat orders.

SKKN has not yet confirmed if the inner refill or outer packaging is recyclable.

Brands like Izzy, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, and Elate offer refills and sustainable packaging as part of their eco-initiative.

Fans are against the SKKN prices

The Kardashian-Jenner family has built an empire since their beginnings on television. Two of the five sisters, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian herself are already billionaires. This comes after their respective brands became huge successes around the world.

However, the prices for SKKN seemed to have created a debate amongst fans. The refillable product is only $6 cheaper than getting a new product, which surprised fans at their expensive prices.

$95 oils? What’s the return policy?,” one wrote. Another one followed: “What price is that?

A second one commented: “😂😂😂 I will never pay $65 for a refill.

“The Ordinary offers affordable products for literally 20% of this,” a fan compared.

SKKN has been approached for comment.

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