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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 9


Kim Kardashian snaps at Psalm and Saint for interrupting on first 'work trip'

Reality star Kim Kardashian told her two boys off – Psalm and Saint – for making noise when she was speaking to Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night.

The beauty mogul isn’t afraid to be a mother in front of a live audience and other celebrities. Kim Kardashian’s two boys, Saint and Psalm were just being kids – most likely excited to be on the show with their famous mum.

However, they kept talking and making noise in the background even though they weren’t on the stage.

Mum-of-four Kim had to step in twice to ask them to keep it down, and in the end little Psalm went backstage.

‘Guys, can you stop?’

Photo by Gotham/GC Images

At the beginning of the interview, host Jimmy told the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star she was brilliant in her SNL debut.

Although, the 41-year-old admitted she had never seen Saturday Night Live before even though she knew how iconic it was. She also confessed she had no idea Jimmy himself was previously on the show.

“I’ve been schooled, I know everyone who has been on there now. I know everything. I have been schooled,” she said.

However, moments later she turns to speak to her kids away from the camera.

“Guys, can you stop?” Kim pulls rank and tells them.

“This is like your first time at work with me, can you please?”

Jimmy, hands together, appears to look on awkwardly as the audience laugh at the interaction. The camera pans to Psalm, Saint and a friend’s daughter sitting on the side line. Viewers by the stage all applaud, hum and ‘ahh’ at the young kids watching on.

“My two boys are here and then my friend Tracy’s daughter Remy is here.

“My two boys are here and I hear them making so much noise. Guys, this is your first time at work with me don’t mess this up. Come on.”

Jimmy explodes with laughter as Kim tells them off.

The SKKN founder then resumes the interview where she speaks about daughter North, who recently turned nine.

‘You gotta go’

Photo by: Todd Owyoung/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

But she’s interrupted again by the noise and turns quickly. She adds: “Guys, seriously, you gotta go,” as Psalm goes backstage.

Luckily, the distractions then stop and Kim is able to promote her new luxury skincare brand with Jimmy and the audience.

The star even treats the host to a mini-facial with one of her face oils and smooths it onto his face. Although, she couldn’t resist trying out a new technique she learned from her own facialist. Kim begins slapping Jimmy’s jawline in a bid to get the product to sink into the pores better.

Jimmy couldn’t help but react to the gentle slapping motions as he tries to relax during the mini-facial.

Kim’s brand SKKN, a nine-step product line, launched on June 21. The complete bundle collection with all items sold out within a few hours as fans rushed to get their hands on the products. However, individual items are still available to purchase through the website.

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