Kim Kardashian has seemingly snubbed her sister Kourtney by saying she and Khloé give “real content” for the reality show and their fans.

Kourtney and Kim’s drama is at the center of The Kardashians season three after the two sisters had a fight in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

In the latest episode, Kim and Khloe were talking about the candid details they share on the Hulu show, leading to reactions on social media about the ongoing feud between Kim and Kourtney.

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Kim Kardashian says she and Khloe give “real content”

In The Kardashians season three episode two, Kim and Khloe were talking to Scott Disick when he asked them whether they would want to keep doing the show in the future.

The two sisters didn’t give a definite answer but got frank about how much they love doing the show and sharing raw details of their personal lives.

“I will tell you something, I have no guilt because I show so much about my life and I am an open book,” Khloe said. “And I do it in a very vulnerable, good way.”

Kim went on to say that she and Khloe give their fans the “real content”, seemingly snubbing Kourtney amid their ongoing drama in the new season.

“We, Khloe and I, give,” Kim chimed in. “Khloe and I, we give real content. We are sharing every last detail of our lives. I talk about me wanting to lose weight and I am brutalized. I am the f*****g face of all this criticism.”

Kim went on to say that the show is what “made” their family and that she would always want to film their daily lives and be part of the series.

When Scott asked if he could become a full-time cast member, Khloe joked that he should put a wig on and become one of the Kardashians sisters.

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Fans flood Twitter with reactions

Unsurprisingly, many viewers at home flooded Twitter with their reactions following the brutal exchange between the sisters.

“Kim and Kourtney have been shading each other so much in this episode,” one viewer commented.

“Not Kim and Khloe talking about they’re the only one who ‘gave real content’ on the show when Kourtney bled out for years showing her and Scott’s relationship,” someone else wrote.

Another defended Kourtney and said: “Kourtney gave us her and Scott’s problems for 44 years. She needs a break. Let her be boring.”

Someone else asked: “Kourtney, what is Kim competing with you on?”

Kim and Kourtney’s drama explored

Viewers have noticed that Kim and Kourtney’s competition has been put at the forefront of the latest series.

Kourtney got mad at Kim because she felt her sister used her wedding with Travis Barker in Italy as a “business opportunity” to collaborate with Dolce & Gabbana. The collaboration debuted at Milan Fashion Week four months after the wedding.

The beef between the two celebrity sisters comes after they had a physical fight on season 18 episode 1 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.


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