Kim Kardashian welcomed fans into her SKNN office, but she also revealed how she still struggles with opening her custom Maybach Sedan car door.

When Kim has a net worth of $1.4 billion, she can afford any flashy car. But knowing how to open it is a different story, and no amount of money can help. Unless they open via a button or simply hire a chauffeur to do the job for you.

The businesswoman gave fans a complete office tour of SKNN and Skims on Friday (August 12). At 40,000 sq ft, we’re impressed that she managed to cover all the bases in just 13 minutes.

Yes, the office is spectacular, but the only thing we’re focused on is how she struggled to open the door of her beloved Maybach Sedan. She can juggle several companies, four kids, and a relationship but the car door beat her on this one occasion.

“Anyone know how to get into my car?”

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We love that Kim lightheartedly poked fun at her struggle to get into her own vehicle.

“Watch this. I can never figure out how to open my car door,” she said while waiting for the car to respond to her finger sensor.

“Anyone know how to get into my car?”

Thankfully, she tapped her palm on the handle to initiate the sensor pad. “If it was like the Scream movies, I would’ve been dead by now.”

Viewers also noticed how loud her door slam was during the introduction. “It’s the slamming of the door for me,” one Instagram user commented.

Another similarly mentioned: “I was going to say the same thing! Like damn, she slammed that door hard lol.”

It’s likely that the slam sounded intense as her garage is empty, causing more echo. I mean, the office is 40,000 sq ft and open-plan, so her office is basically one giant room.

Kim Kardashian’s Maybach Sedan car is worth nearly $300K

Proclaimed to be her “baby” and favourite car, the grey Maybach Sedan is estimated to be at least $285K. The rare vehicle was first shown in Vogue’s Inside Kim Kardashian’s Home Filled With Wonderful Objects video in February.

Her three luxury cars – customised grey to match her neutral home – are the Lamborghini Urus, Rolls Royce Ghost, and the Mercedes Maybach Sedan.

According to CarScoops, the Maybach’s MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) starts at about $185K. Her factory requests added another $100K – $150K to the hefty price tag, and that’s before the custom grey paint job with Platinum Motosport.

The vehicle was previously a champagne colour with a gold top, so it was stripped down to be painted in Kim’s signature shade. Platinum Motorsport also lowered it on 22-inch wheels, added the Maybach emblem to the front hood, and placed an illuminated custom Maybach logo on the rear.



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