Kimberly Kardashian, best known as Kim, is arguably the most talked about and followed reality TV star. Over the past 20 years, her fame has gone from organising closets to building a billion-dollar empire.

Either you hate her or you love her, but Kim has gone from zero to a hundred real quick. From hanging out with Paris Hilton to launching her own game in her name – she’s been through a lot.

However, it’s not just what she does that has been scrutinised by fans. Despite being accused multiple times of using plastic surgery to improve her appearance, Kim has remained very transparent of what she has done and what has come in a natural form.

According to the Spanish paper Marca, the reality star admitted to having done botox but completely denied having surgery. Funnily, Kim proved that her butt was ‘au naturale’ after doing an x-ray during an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Reality Titbit explores Kim’s evolution throughout the years, starting from the moment she got famous until today. Some could say she appears unrecognisable in the throwback photos.

Kim Kardashian back then (20 years ago)

Paris Hilton's CD Release Party at Privilege - Red Carpet
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Despite having a very famous father, Kim Kardashian got her first real taste of fame when she organised Paris Hilton’s closet. This was after having gone through the closet of the likes of Cindy Crawford, Serena Williams, and Brandy. Later, Kim became Hilton’s assistant, then, her friend.

At that time, the then 23-year-old Kim would keep her hair straight and a natural makeup look. Her eyebrows have always been on-fleek, though.

The beginning of Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Sighting at Koi - January 13, 2007
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The year 2007 is a very important time for Kim Kardashian. Not for the best reasons, but her fame went wild soon after. At the age of 25 and starting to get her name out there by being close friends with the top celebrities in the Hollywood industry, Kim made headlines after a sex tape with her former partner Ray-J went out to the public.

It’s believed it was when Kim was 21-years-old, with Ray, that the two made the tape, back in 2002.

By that time, Kim had already bagged her own reality TV show with the rest of her family, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. So, as much as it affected Kim emotionally and as per her reputation, it launched her into international stardom. Very quickly.

As per Britannica, it was also the time when KUWTK premiered and saw an increase in viewership due to Kim’s attention. Naturally, each member shot to fame in different ways. Still, Kim was not even near where she is almost 20 years later.

The #KimYe era

Kanye West Hosts The "Cruel Summer" Presentation - 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival
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Four years later, Kim is starting to build up her career. As per Screenrant, her net worth doubled from $10 million to $20 million within a year. By that time, Kim was no longer known for being Rob Kardashian’s daugther, or the stepdaughter of an Olympic gold medalist.

In 2012, the rumours of the romance between her and rapper Kanye West started to emerge. By April of 2012, multiple sources confirmed the two were together and better than ever, not even hiding their love for each other publicly.

Officially an A-list celebrity

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala
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First Met Gala, first baby, and a major appearance with her former husband, Kanye West. In 2013, Kim made her Met Gala debut wearing a beautiful rose-printer gown with a slit on her leg from Givenchy.

At the time, the reality star was then seven months pregnant with her first child with Kanye. The following month, Kim gave birth to a daughter, which the couple named North West.

Married and with an empire in her hands

Kim Kardashian West Celebrates The Launch Of KKW Beauty
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In just a little over a decade, Kim had already big moves in show business and lots of money. Despite not being a newcomer when it came to creating own businesses, 2017 was the year of a lot of success.

Using her former husband’s surname, she created her two business empires, KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrance. By 2017, the beauty mogul was on her road to becoming a billionaire. Let it sink in.

20 years in the spotlight

Los Angeles Premiere Of Hulu's New Show "The Kardashians" - Red Carpet
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Four children, a divorce (and a new romance with Pete Davidson), four successful companies and a billion dollars under her name. Kim Kardashian has become a superstar on her own lane. Period.

20 years in the spotlight – without counting her occasional public appearances with Kris Jenner and her former husband Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn Jenner) in the past, the reality star has done a lot of changes in two decades: physically and mentally, and appearance-wise.

Now at the age of 41 years old, Kim Kardashian looks nothing like her early days in fame. However, there is one thing – her eyebrows look the same in both 2002 and 2022. Some things stay the same!

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