Kim Kardashian is a fashion trendsetter but not all outfits have been a hit, including these Balenciaga credit card earrings.

Kim is currently in her Balenciaga era; from exclusively wearing the Spanish-born brand in her street style to starring in its fall 2022 campaign, she’s a walking advertisement for the label – and we’re not mad about it.

Balenciaga is the mastermind behind the most outrageous fashion items, including Crocs heels – a glamorous take on the rubber clogs – and a $2,000 bag with an LED projector that lights the path with its logo.

The brand has the internet either amazed or baffled, and Kim’s interesting earrings seem to have fallen into the latter category.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - September 20, 2022
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Kim Kardashian steps out with ‘wealth’ on her earlobes

The reality star appeared in New York on September 20 to promote the second season of The Kardashians on Good Morning America. Ironically, Kim stole the attention from her own show with the daring fashion choice: Balenciaga credit cards dangling from her earlobes.

Ka-ching! Oh wait, they’re not actually real bank cards.

For $425, you’d think they would be functional, but no, they’re just rectangular pieces of plastic reading “Balenciaga 2020.” Come to think of it, it doesn’t sound like the safest move to dangle credit cards from your ears – you might be in danger of losing an earlobe.

Not a fan of the black? The “Credit Card Logo-plaque Drop Earrings” were available in pink, but they’re both sold out.

Kim’s accessory choice has us considering what other items could be transformed into high fashion – hairbrushes? Car keys?

She paired it with tiger-print pantashoes, a black turtleneck with gloves, and a furry Balenciaga bag. The look was topped off with her bleach blonde hair slicked into a half-up bun – the same hairstyle she opted for on the Fendi show. Her blend of experimental and minimal fashion is certainly a transformation from her mid-2000s style.

Internet won’t be swiping credit cards for earrings

The Twittersphere seems baffled by Kim’s style statement, including one user who flagged up some valid questions: “[What] is Kim Kardashian wearing for her earrings? Credit cards? Are they contactless pay enabled? Does she tap to pay with her head at the payment terminal? How does that work?” Imagine the convenience?

What a confusing start to the day for this fan: “I turn on my TV and the first thing I see this morning is Kim K with credit card earrings on?”

Another slammed the jewelry as “atrociously ugly earrings,” while this user isn’t a supporter of Balenciaga’s recent direction:



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