Pete Davidson finally and officially made his in-person debut on his now ex-girlfriend’s show, The Kardashians. Making their red carpet debut as a couple at the Met Gala earlier this year, the former couple recalls the first time they met – and she had turned him down with “the nicest excuse”.

The ninth episode of The Kardashians is titled It’s Met Monday! and it documented the behind-the-scenes of the iconic time the five sisters and momager Kris Jennerattended the event altogether for the first time.

Kim Kardashian and former boyfriend, Pete Davidson, made their first red-carpet debut at the 2022 Met Gala. Moments before heading out to the car, the couple reminisced on the first time they had met, which interestingly was at the previous Met Gala.

Scenes for the reality show are filmed months in advance, so although the pair have now split up, it was recorded during the time the couple were going strong.

However, did you know she rejected him when he first asked for her number?

Pete makes his first in-person appearance

Kim Kardashian tells Pete Davidson he looks cute before the Met Gala
Kim Kardashian. Courtesy of Hulu/Disney Plus

Although Pete’s voice has been on the show on several occasions in the first and second seasons of The Kardashians, fans have been wondering when the comedian himself will appear on the reality show.

Pete and Kim dated for nine months before calling it quits in August 2022. Though they are no longer together, little details of Kim’s romance with the actor have inevitably been revealed throughout the series, as they were filmed months before their split.

Pete was Kim’s date for the Met Gala, and it became the talk of the event. Viewers finally got to see a glimpse of their relationship where the reality star swooned over her ex-partner saying: “You look so handsome.”

Kim rejected him when they first met

Pete, who didn’t take off his black sunglasses for his scenes in the episode, was sentimental as he remembered the time he had asked for her number at the 2021 Met Gala, but she used a clever excuse to turn him down.

“Remember when I asked for your number at the last Met, and you pretended you couldn’t give it to me because you had gloves on?” Pete told Kim Kardashian.

As the mom-of-four smiled, she replied: “I know, will you ask me again this time? I don’t have gloves on.”

The 29-year-old recalled her rejection being “the nicest excuse ever”. He says: “I knew it was an excuse, but I remember being in the car thinking, ‘Wow, she knows how to make someone feel really good about themselves.’ I thought that was really sweet.”

“Had I only known,” Kim said.

Fans say they were “the cutest thing together”

While Pete’s involvement on the show has been a topic of discussion among fans after the two announced their break-up before season two released, viewers were happy to finally see him on the show.

However, other fans expressed frustration over wishing to have seen more about Kim’s relationship with Pete. Many felt he was edited out for most of the season.

Reality Titbit and GRV Media have approached Kim Kardashian’s representatives and Hulu for comment.



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