Kim Kardashian's cute photo of True, Dream, and Chicago - but fans miss Stormi
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Kim Kardashian's cute photo of True, Dream, and Chicago - but fans miss Stormi

Kim Kardashian recently shared a cute picture of True, Chicago, and Drue, and it definitely shows that the sibling bond is stronger than ever. However, fans noticed that one person missing from the picture was Stormi.

The Kardashians have managed to make a mark in the industry and with time, their children have also become the center of attention.

In fact, the Kardashian-Jenner kids seem to have stolen the limelight from their parents as people are obsessed with the sibling bond.

Kim Kardashian shares a cute photo on Instagram

On August 4, Kim took to Instagram to share a cute picture of True, Dream, and Chicago, The trio seemed to be enjoying themselves on a yacht.

It is unclear when the photo was taken but it sure had everyone convinced that the sibling bond is strong. It does not come as a surprise as three of them are close in age. True and Chicago are four years old while Dream is five.

Kim captioned the image as “BFFAE best friends forever and ever.” While the trip looked adorable fans could not stop but wonder where Stormi was.

Where is Stormi Webster?

Stormi seems to be enjoying a day out with her mother, Kylie Jenner. The makeup mogul had taken to her Instagram stories to reveal that she and her daughter had been visiting Harrods in London.

In fact, a day before Kim shared this image, Kylie had taken to TikTok to share the nail spa day she was enjoying with Stormi.

While we miss Stormi in the picture, we wouldn’t lie, we love the Kylie-Stormi content as well.

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The Kardashian kids have taken over

The Kardashian kids have become the latest obsession of the internet as the siblings tend to be together all the time. Since most of the children are closer in age, we are not surprised they share such a tight bond.

Right from the friendship between Penelope and North to the relationship shared between True, Dream, Stormi, and Chicago, the Kardashian-Jenner kids have been ruling the internet with their adorable photos.


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