Kimye fans are now convinced that Kim Kardashian and ex-husband Kanye West, who is the father of her children, are back together. The now-debunked theory comes after she promoted his Yeezy brand’s sunglasses.

A series of photos shared to Instagram by Kim showed both her and daughters North and Chicago posing in the new YR 3022 YEEZY SHDZ. The background of the pics appears to be Kanye’s Yeezy workshop.

The entire ordeal has left the 41-year-old’s followers confused about Kim and Kanye’s co-parenting relationship, and has many thinking they are back together. So what’s really going on and is ‘Kimye’ really a thing again?

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Kim K promotes Yeezy shades

Kim took to Instagram on August 4th to upload a series of photos wearing the new Yeezy sunglasses. It isn’t the first time she has promoted the brand, as she wore Yeezy sneakers despite her finalised divorce from brand owner Kanye.

She also supported her ex’s brand by sporting the Foam RNNR “Ararat” sneakers Yeezy sneakers on the last day of January 2021. However, in 2018, Kim was given partial ownership of Yeezy as reported by The Sun.

They split the brand income evenly due to an air-tight pre-nup agreement they signed before getting hitched in 2014. This means their separate business empires and mammoth earnings are protected.

Are Kim and Pete still dating?

Yes, Kim and Pete are in a relationship at the time of writing. The pair have been sharing romantic, loved-up pictures for months, with their latest post together shared by Kim on July 11th.

Despite fans thinking that Kim has gotten back together, which isn’t the case, Kim is only supporting her ex’s brand due to her part ownership of the Yeezy company. Pete is also focusing on his own business ventures.

They are currently exchanging ‘love notes’ as they go the long distance while Pete films his project Wizards!. A source told US Weekly that the couple are in constant communication and send love notes while the other is sleeping.

Fans think ‘Kimye is back’

Like previous times when Kim has promoted the Yeezy brand, several of her followers are convinced that she has gotten back together with Kanye. It’s clear to see on Instagram that fans have made their own theory.

One fan, who received over 300 likes on their comment, simply wrote: “Kimye forever.”

Another said: “Love the queen supporting her ex this is so iconic idccc [I don’t care].” Several comments such as “KIMYE IS BACK” and “Kimye?????” were left underneath Kim’s latest photo.

“I thought she was just doing this because after all he did give her ownership in the company? I would love for them to get back together though,” reacted a KIMYE supporter.

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