Kim Kardashian posted a series of loved-up photos with beau Pete Davidson, but there was a lot of one specific body part in the Instagram post: trotters. And it wasn’t long before sister Khloe asked them an important question.

Ever since Kim and Pete first met during their Jasmine and Aladdin SNL skit, they’ve quickly become the celebrity couple of the year. So whenever she posts a photo with even a glimpse of her beau, fans are quick to look at details.

However, it wasn’t her followers but a close Kardashian sister who noticed that both Kim and Pete’s feet make regular appearances in a recent Instagram post. So, what was Kim’s reaction to Khloe’s question about a ‘foot fetish’?

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - May 03, 2022
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Kim posts pics with Pete

Kim posted a series of pictures with Pete which initially appear to see them laying down together, which shows him with a massive grin on his face while she pouts. Most of her followers were drawn to his new Aladdin tattoo at first.

With over six million likes at the time of writing, the third photo appeared to show Pete standing up with Kim’s feet on his stomach, while in the fourth, an image sees them chatting in front of a huge swimming pool.

The last photo in the series features a similar snap of Kim, once again, lying down with her feet on her beau’s stomach. Pete is holding her legs with his right arm in the picture while looking down at her all smiles.

Khloe asks about a ‘foot fetish’

Kim’s sister Khloe couldn’t help herself but throw in a banter-filled comment underneath the pictures. She asked both her sibling and Pete: “Do you guys have a foot fetish too? 😳”

The comment received nothing short of at least 35K likes in just 24 hours, as well as over 600 comments from her followers. And looking through them, Khloe was basically asking exactly what everyone was thinking.

Fans were in stitches over Khloe’s public comment, with some finding that they can relate to having a “foot fetish”. Some also questioned what the Kardashian sister meant by adding “too” to the end of the comment.

Khloe appeared to be referring to sister Kourtney Kardashian’s marriage to Travis Barker…

“I mean, I’m not in the bedroom with them, believe it or not, I’m not like Mr. Deeds popping on up, but it looks like there’s a foot thing going on,” Khloé said on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast.

Kim shut down her sister’s questions

Soon after Khloe left the hilarious comment, Kim shut her sister down. She simply replied: “Nope!” Within less than 24 hours, her reply garnered over 6K likes. However, when it comes to Kourtney, she hasn’t responded to Khloe’s claims.

Pete left it to his beau to deal with the situation, and didn’t make a reply himself. A large part of that is down to not having social media, but he hasn’t made any public comments, either.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - May 03, 2022
Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images


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