Knock knock, who’s there? It’s Foodgod. Yes, Jonathan Cheban changed his name to Foodgod, for realsies. His long time best friend, Kim Kardashian, also calls him by his new name. Gaining his fame through Keeping Up With The Kardashians, he now dedicates himself to eating out every day. Why? To find the best places for his millions of followers.

Long before the Kardashian-Jenner fans found out about Jonathan Cheban through the reality series, he had already made a name for himself working for publicist Peggy Siegal at her firm in NYC. Making a name for himself in the entertainment world, he began to work with other famous faces.

Now that he doesn’t spend as much time with his best friend as before – at least in front of the cameras – his love and interest for food and learning about the best flavours in the world has turned him into a God of food, as his new name demonstrates.

Jonathan no longer exists, now he’s just Foodgod

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The food connoisseur took his title so seriously that he even legally changed his name. No capital G, or a space in between. Cheban now goes by the name of Foodgod, and the change of name became official in September 2019.

As per Gotham, the content creator said for the reality show to have given him popularity and exposure to have a stable fanbase, to then begin to grow his followers based on his content.

Showing no competition against the Kardashian-Jenner family, Cheban said: “The girls have their own brands, so I made sure I wasn’t doing anything in near proximity to what they were doing- makeup, beauty, fashion, or anything of the sort.”

Making reviews on different food chains and restaurants across the United States, and around the world, he built his brand name which ended up also becoming his actual name – It’s all written and signed on papers.

Even Kim can’t have the exemption card

Although Kim and Cheban have been friends for many years, she is also obliged to refer to her best friend as Foodgod. A final decision has been made, and Kim will just have to honor it.

During an interview with The Mirror in 2019, Cheban explained more about his reasons for changing his name.

Launching his own podcast series and a TV show, the 48-year-old said he wanted to begin his career without the help of the Kardashians. That’s the reason why Kim even now has to refer to him as Foodgod.

Cheban told the news outlet: “I told Kim and my mom that they have to call me Foodgod next month and they both said, ‘But I’ve always called you Jonathan’ and I said, ‘I don’t care you have to call me Foodgod, period.”

Kim and Jonathan’s friendship

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Every celebrity needs a ride-or-die friend. For Kim, it was Cheban. Throughout the seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Jonathan ‘Foodgod’ Cheban became Kim’s right hand man. He made it through all the good and bad times.

The two socialites met at a birthday party of their mutual friend and model Brittny, daughter of Mark Gastineau. Since then, the two instantly clicked and became inseparable.

Their friendships have seen the lengths of Cheban appearing in 27 episodes of KUWTK. Also, in an additional 15 in the spin-off show, Kourtney and Kim Take Miami. His first appearance was in 2009.

Despite him only making rare appearances on KUWTK, their friendship remains as strong as it was on day one. Even though he hasn’t appeared on Kim’s Instagram feed for a while, the two don’t have to prove their friendship.

As per Vanity Fair, Cheban was only of the few people that were invited to the exclusive birthday dash of Kim’s 40th birthday on a top-secret private island.



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