Kourtney Kardashian is on cloud nine while celebrating the anniversary of when Travis Barker proposed – however, fan backlash has emerged after a beach was covered in roses. The reality star took to Instagram to clarify what would be happening to the extra flowers.

One year after making their relationship official, Travis Barker got down on one knee amid a sea of roses and proposed to Kourtney Kardashian on the beach in Rosewood Miramar. Fast-forward to a year later, the couple returned to celebrate their anniversary.

The Kardashians are known to enjoy big celebrations, and Kourtney’s first proposal anniversary wasn’t going to be any different – including the hundreds of roses. However, angry fans took to her comments section to express their frustration at what they claim is “money wasted”.

Kravis goes back to where it all began

On October 18, Kourtney and Travis traveled to Santa Barbara to relive where their marriage journey began.

The couple, who made their relationship official on Instagram in February 2021, have been dating since October 2020.

Going back down memory lane, now as a husband and wife, Travis surprised her with a beautiful setup of the red flowers. In what could have been thousands of roses, he also created a heart shape for his wife Kourtney Kardashian.

To set up the mood, two musicians played in the background while Kravis enjoyed their date, laying on the sand on a white sheet surrounded by candles.

Fans accuse her of being “tone deaf” but Kourtney claps back

As beautiful as it was, some fans were not happy with the number of roses the couple had allegedly “wasted,” as many assumed a large amount of money had been spent on them.

One Kardashian critic wrote: “Too much money wasted for flowers that they die after maximum 10 days. People are dying for clean water, food, and medicines.”

Another one followed: “I agree… So tone deaf.”

“As a florist, my heart aches for those roses,” a third commented.

However, the criticism did not stop followers from leaving positive messages congratulating them and describing the setup as the “most beautiful thing ever”.

A fan wrote: “This is so cuteee.”

A second one said: “Just pure beauty. How romantic.”

Hours later, Kourtney took to her Instagram stories to clarify any doubts as to where the roses would be going following their romantic date in Santa Barbara.

“My baby flowers are home,” she wrote. In another photo, the mom-of-three explained: “We donated a bunch of these beautiful flowers from our special night last night to the local children’s hospital, in case anyone wants ideas for extra flowers from an event or wedding or special occasion and not sure what to do with them…”

Pitch Perfect’s Rebel Wilson witnesses the preparations

If you thought Kravis would keep it low-key this time, you’re wrong. Not only did Australian actress Rebel Wilson watch it live, but she also shared a few snapshots with her millions of fans.

The 42-year-old actress happened to be staying that the Rosewood Miramar, and possibly became the only A-list celebrity to witness it all.

Uploading different images and videos, she wrote: “Too cute @kourtneykardash @travisbarker.”

In another post, which caught the camera crew and the two musicians, she said: “I was like: Who’s playing classical music outside my room! Have fun lovebirds.”

GRV Media and Reality Titbit have approached Kourtney Kardashian’s representatives for comment.



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