Kourtney Kardashian has had to shut down pregnancy rumours once again after posting some selfies of herself looking amazing in a skirt and crop top.

It was only a few weeks ago that she had to answer pregnancy speculation after attending the Met Gala and, from her responses this time, it seems as though she is getting a little fed up after stating she is just “a woman with a body”.

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Kourtney reacts to fan speculation

In the picture she posted on Instagram (that has since been deleted), Kourtney can be seen in her closet taking some behind-the-scenes pictures of her in a stunning black crop top and red skirt.

In the comments section, a number of fans were suggesting the reality star and mother of three looked pregnant, with comments like “is that a baby in there” and loads of pregnant emojis.

Kourtney was quick to shut down the rumours as she responded to comments saying: “I am a woman with a BODY.” It appears Kourtney isn’t pregnant and is just in a happy and healthy relationship.

This isn’t the first pregnancy speculation aimed at Kourtney

Little more than a month ago, Kourtney had to deal with the same situation with fans speculating the star was pregnant after she attended the Met Gala.

During the gala, fans focused on Kourtney’s mid-section as some thought they spotted a baby bump. People were quick to jump on social media to discuss their theories with a few people believing the reality star was “hiding a pregnancy” due to her high-waisted skirt.

We can confidently say Kourtney wasn’t pregnant at the time and still isn’t as she shuts down even more pregnancy rumours.

Kourtney and Travis stop their IVF journey

We saw the pair on The Kardashians as they started their IVF journey for a baby but, after several rounds that didn’t result in a successful embryo, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker went back to trying for a baby the natural way.

During the June 2 episode, Kourtney revealed the pair’s change of plans after trying to implant embryos via IVF. She explained:

Now that we feel really healthy, we are going to try naturally and take a big break from IVF.

Kourtney Kardashian

The episode was filmed at the end of 2021. We hope the pair’s pregnancy plans work out – how cute would a Barker and Kardashian baby be, are we right?!


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