As we all know, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker got secretly married this week in a chapel in Vegas after they attended the Grammys, we saw the adorable pictures on her Instagram after and fans couldn’t be happier for the pair.

However, Kourtney made a shocking revelation on Thursday during a Jimmy Kimmel interview with the whole Kardashian squad surrounding how she told her family about the private ceremony and let’s just say, nothing about the situation has been conventional.

Keep reading to find out all about how Kourt told her sisters the news as well as the fact that they technically didn’t get married.

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Kourtney told Kim via Whatsapp

During the interview, Kimmel asked the Kardashian clan if they were told or knew anything about the wedding before they got married that night, to which Kris and Khloe announced that they knew already.

Khloe announced that she was on facetime when she found out, however, these were the only two to find out in a “normal” way.

What shocked fans were Kim’s response she revealed that she didn’t find out about the wedding until the next day, and to add to that she continued to reveal that when she did find out, it was via the family group chat. She explained:

She put it in the group chat, like, ‘Oh, hey guys, and by the way, I got married last night.’ I woke up to like a million texts.

Kim Kardashian, Jimmy Kimmel

Kourtney and Travis technically didn’t get married

Lots were discussed during the Thursday night interview and one thing that stood out was the fact that the 42-year-old technically didn’t get married to the Blink 182 drummer.

Kourtney revealed that they went to the chapel at 2 AM but explained how you could only obtain a marriage license from 8 AM onwards, therefore they legally didn’t get married.

However, Kourtney went on to say how they didn’t care or mind and adorably said, “We just did it anyways; it’s what’s in the heart.”

Jimmy thinks they should have their own show called “Family Group Chat”

Khloe Kardashian also mentioned during the interview that their family group chat can get very “vicious and crazy” at times. After hearing this Jimmy hilariously said how the sisters should have their own reality show called, “Family Group Chat.”

Kourtney went on to say how they even had to change the title of the group chat to something more positive because it was becoming too “vicious.”

Kendal went on to say:

I’ll check my phone like 20 minutes past when someone starts the chat and there are like 200 messages in my phone… depending on how it’s going off.

Kendal Jenner, Jimmy Kimmel


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