Kris Jenner took a trip to the studio with new son-in-law Travis Barker to record a Christmas song – and fans can’t get enough of Jingle Bells.

To get into the Christmas spirit (several months in advance) Kardashian fans were shown the momager singing along to Jingle Bells. Kris had travelled to the studio with daughter Kourtney Kardashian and her new hubby Travis. The result left fans laughing all the way.

The finale episode of The Kardashians was filmed during the time Tristan Thompson’s secret paternity scandal came to light, but also during the holiday season.

The momager warmed up her voice and made her own Kris-mas song at the Blink-182 studio label. Kourtney and Travis also appeared in the song. Jingle Bells by Kris Jenner was released on Christmas Eve in December 2021.

Dashing through the snow with a Kris-mas song

Christmas is the family’s favourite time of the year. Fans know the lengths the family goes to in order to celebrate the most festive event of the year. To make things extra special last year, Kris decided to make her own Christmas cover song.

Kris was having the time of her life at the Blink-182’s drummer studio, and the 66-year-old was accompanied by her daugther Kourtney and her longtime partner, Corey Gamble.

Nonetheless, Kris knew singing wasn’t her forte and instead wanted to make the song as comedic as possible and was laughing in between the chorus. Without hesitation, the momager told the producer to make her sound like legendary singer Mariah Carey.

As she sang “Oh oh oh, I just want you… yeah baby” Kourtney couldn’t stop laughing and confessed she almost “peed her pants.”

Travis dusted of his drumsticks and added a beat while Kourtney participated by playing the bells. As they were in the car on the way home, Kris sang enthusiastically to the lyrics of her own festive anthem.

Fans aren’t jingling – but they’re laughing all the way

Despite the drama in the episode, the finale of the first season of The Kardashians ended with a good laugh after hearing about Kris Jenner’s masterpiece.

Fans praised the momager for being “the funniest woman alive”. They also joked about it being “the song of the century”.

All jokes aside, the most important thing about the whole experience is that Kris Jenner had the best time ever. Explaining how she even thought about creating a Kris-mas song, she revealed through the confessionary to “pretty much love any time she can spend quality time with her kids.”

Proud of how the song turned out, Kris even comically suggested about going on a world tour. She also joked about joining Travis’s band, Blink-182.

And by the way Travis, if you ever need a backup singer, or maybe a lead singer, just call me,” Kris said as she wondered about changing the band’s name to Blink-166 – to match her age.

Kris’ version of Jingle Bells was released in December 2021 under KRAVIS RECORDS. The record label is run by Travis and Kourtney, which is also their celebrity couple name.



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