The late Robert Kardashian spoke to Kris Jenner through medium Tyler Henry at her house, where he joked about her windows.

Psychic Tyler Henry visited Kris Jenner, where Khloe Kardashian was watching round the corner in the kitchen.

Kris, 62, sat down with Tyler for Hollywood Medium, where she asked how he had done a reading for her daughters. She also asked Tyler how young he was and learned how he first knew of his ability aged just 10 years old.

Kris said: “So you’re 20, you’re like my Kendall’s age. How long have you been doing this?”

Tyler smiled: “It all started when I was 10 years old.”

Khloe has received a reading from the 20-year-old medium before and was excited to hear what Tyler would say to Kris.

But fans then see her mutter to herself, “why is she interviewing him”. She then jokes from another room:” I want to scream ‘shut up mom’. Although the mum-of-one then did shout “can he read for you, please!”.

“You’re chatting like it’s Sunday brunch!” Khloe yelled, so Kris and Tyler get to work.

‘Nobody else would know that’

Khloe Kardashian
Screenshot from Tyler Henry Connects Kris Jenner to Robert Kardashian | Hollywood Medium | Credit E!

Tyler then starts and explains for reading public figures like Kris, he tries to say information that no one else knows. This is in a bid to show off his ability but also to give the person a valuable experience as well.

Kris then tells him to look into her health for her. The medium says to keep an watch for her eyesight and to see a doctor in case she notices any changes. Kris is shocked by the answer and said “No one knows that”. She said “nobody else would know” that her vision had been different lately as she didn’t tell anyone.

Tyler then holds a leather-bound book in his left palm, face down. He begins scribing on paper as he continues his reading.

As he works through the information coming in, he said an in-law is coming through. It is a grandfather named William – Caitlyn Jenner’s father. Tyler saw an oak tree, as William worked as a tree surgeon, the pair were astounded by the vision.

Tyler adds: “What’s interesting is William is with a son, who is deceased, who would have passed away in a car accident. Do you know this?”

Kris explained she did, and how Caitlyn’s brother Burt borrowed his car when they were younger but was involved in a terrible crash. She said when Caitlyn was in the Olympic games, someone loaned the star a brand new Porsche. Kris adds Burt “took it for a spin” and went off the side of the road and died.

Tyler speaks with Robert Kardashian

Tyler Henry speaks to Kris Jenner on Hollywood Medium
Screenshot from Tyler Henry Connects Kris Jenner to Robert Kardashian | Hollywood Medium | Credit E!

Another blast from the past was Khloe’s father Robert Kardashian. The medium says he is with his mother on the other side. Tyler says he references a man who passed away with an illness. He then tells Kris he’s speaking about her former husband Robert.

Tyler says: “There’s a joke about someone’s nickname being monkey or a monkey,” looking puzzled.

Kris replies: “He had a monkey, a stuffed monkey when he was a kid, named Zocco. Khloe has the monkey.”

“There’s a joke about I’m seeing a window it’s a decision about something window-related,” Tyler adds.

“That is crazy. I don’t think anybody knows that,” Kris is shocked. She adds: “We’re gonna replace those windows right there.”

“Was this a conversation that would have just been had recently?” Tyler quizzes.

The mom responds: “Yeah. A couple days ago. Oh my goodness. See, you never know who’s watching over you.”

Kris then explains the book Tyler has been holding the item during the reading belonged to Robert.

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