Kylie Jenner was almost called a completely different name at birth, and fans can’t imagine the beauty mogul being called anything else.

Kylie is only 25 years old but if you type her name into Google, the reality star is the first celebrity to appear in the results, overtaking Australian popstar Kylie Minogue, who has been in the spotlight since 1988.

It turns out that Kris nearly gave the youngest Jenner sister a different name starting with K, and in hindsight, it’s not as snappy as Kylie.

Kylie’s almost different name at birth “doesn’t hit the same”

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In a TikTok from Tuesday (August 16), the social media queen revealed her “name is Kylie but it was almost…Kennedy”.

We understand that Kris likes to continue the K name tradition, but Kennedy would’ve been too similar to her older sister. Viewers often hear the family refer to Kendall as “Ken”, so that would’ve been extremely confusing if they both had the same nickname.

The TikTok also included a mock-up of the Kylie Lip Kit packaged as “Kennedy Cosmetics” and it definitely isn’t as catchy as the original.

Revelation aside, we can’t help but notice how adorable Stormi is cuddled up to her mother in the clip.

Fans can’t over what could have been

Followers rushed to the comment section to express how they would feel if she was named Kenendy.

One penned their shock with: “No way” – ironically, their TikTok name was Kennedy.

Another joked: “No, Kennedy would have been elite and rich coastal girl vibes”.

A third pondered: “Love the name, but it would’ve been too close to Kendall”.

And a fourth added: “Kylie suits you but Kennedy is a pretty name”.

Kylie’s baby name rumours continue to loom

The mother-of-two revealed her alternative name, but what fans really want to hear is the name of her baby boy. The former Wolf Webster entered the world in February 2022, yet she’s still got the internet waiting. Kylie explained her and Travis decided Wolf wasn’t right for their baby boy. But she hasn’t given the new moniker just yet.

Fans speculated the child was called Angel due to Kris’ commenting “Angel Pie” on her announcement post. Kylie’s BFF, Anastasia Karanikolaou, also made an angelic reference, writing: “Angel baby”.

After Kylie admitted the name change because she”didn’t feel like it was him,” supporters assumed in March the new name was Jack or Jacques, in reference to Travis’ middle name.

The newest unconfirmed fan theory is Knight Webster, so the siblings’ names would sound like “Stormy Night”. It’s pretty inventive, but we’ll have to wait and see until the official announcement.



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