If it wasn’t hard enough to Keep Up With The Kardashians, Kylie Jenner is also a mom to eleven dogs. In a recent TikTok, the reality star laughs over an old interview where her beau Travis struggled to remember her dogs’ names.

Kylie has grown a solid fan base through her TikTok account. She shows a personal yet more realistic day-to-day perspective away from her family reality show, The Kardashians. The 25-year-old shares little snippets of spending time with her children, going through her closet, or getting ready.

In 2018, Kylie and Travis sat together for The Kylie Quiz with GQ. The rapper answered 23 questions, from guessing the color of her eyes correctly or name five products from her makeup empire, Kylie Cosmetics.

Like the rest of her fans, Travis was left in shock after she asked him to name her dogs. And we think the mogul has added to her pet collection since then.

Kylie Jenner fans haven’t seen an update of her dogs ‘since 2016’

On November 21, Kylie updated her TikTok account with a video featuring her dogs – not one or two, but six.

In the 16-second video, Kylie arrives at her house wearing brown leggings and a brown jacket tied around her waist with a fresh pair of white sneakers.

“Hi everybody,” she tells her dogs as they run to her and jump around in excitement.

The sweet encounter has been played 10.8 million times and accumulated nearly two million likes.

The comments section quickly became filled with comments from fans shocked at the number of dogs she owns. Since her dogs aren’t featured on her social media platforms, Kylie’s fans were left surprised as they only knew about Norman and Bambi.

In 2018, Kylie was a dog mom of four Italian Greyhounds. According to Capital Xtra, the family has grown to a total of eleven dogs: Norman, Bambi, Rosie, Harlie, Wesley, Penny, Ernie, Sophia, Odie, and Jill.

But fans were not expecting the mogul to have “a whole crew”.

“She has an army,” a fan wrote.

Another follower commented: “LMAOOOO a whole crew!!!! This is so cute.”

A fan followed: “We haven’t seen them since like 2016 lol.”

“I understand why Travis didn’t know their names now,” a fan wrote to which Kylie replied with a laughing face emoji.

Travis Scott could only remember one name

The comment from a fan was referred to an interview from GQ’s Couple’s Quiz where Kylie and Travis answered 23 questions. The Astroworld rapper was tested on how well he knew his girlfriend.

The couple had been dating for only one year at the time.

At one point at the beginning of the quiz, the reality star asked: “What are my dogs’ names?

Travis was sure and correct about Norman, who became Kylie’s first. However, he got stuck with the rest of their names and began guessing them. “Norman… Lady?” Travis said.

“Lady? Remember, they’re all like Normie, they all have the ie,” Kylie replied. “Baby there’s four, you got one!”

Over the years, Kylie stopped showing her dogs online shortly after she ended her Snapchat phrase and her series, The Life Of Kylie. In the last update in February 2019, she told her fans via Twitter her dogs were “very much part of her life still” despite not posting about them.


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