Kylie Jenner‘s lion head dress worn at Paris Fashion Week has certainly left fans roaring in disapproval. The influential reality TV personality made quite the statement by taking the faux fur accessory along with her.

From Doja Cat’s 30,000 crystal red suit to Kylie’s realistic lion head, you’d think they were trying to outdo Emily in Paris. As a result of the bold lion dress, Kylie’s Instagram comments are flooding with negative backlash.

Reality Titbit has looked into what fans are saying about her lion dress, which some were convinced was the real head of the animal. Fear not, as it is faux. Nevertheless, Kylie’s outfit choice hasn’t been received well.

Kylie Jenner causes uproar with lion head

Celebrity Sightings - Paris Fashion Week - Haute Couture Spring Summer 2023 : Day One
Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner made a bold move on the Paris Fashion Week red carpet when she brought a lion head as an accessory. Don’t worry, it’s not a real lion, but several onlookers were convinced it was due to how realistic it looks.

Her lion look was one of a series of faux fur garments designed by Daniel Roseberry. PETA president Ingrid Newkirk told TMZ the brand’s collection of three-dimensional animal heads was “fabulously innovative”.

She added that it “may be a statement against trophy hunting, in which lion families are torn apart to satisfy human egotism.” Kylie said she loved wearing the “beautiful” faux fur lion head, calling the moment, “Beauty and The Beast.”

The lion head is most definitely fake, and Kylie didn’t hold back from letting Kardashian fans know that. She proudly said it is a “faux art creation constructed by hand using manmade materials.”

Schiaparelli made the lion dress

Kylie‘s black dress paired with the lion head has been approved by fans, despite the backlash she received for the accessory. She wore a Schiaparelli gown, which also appeared on the runway, made of foam, wool and silk faux fur.

The lion was “hand painted to look as life like as possible,” the luxury brand wrote. They also added that no animals were harmed in the making of the product. Schiaparelli wrote it “celebrates the glory of the natural world.”

The brand penned: “Nothing is as it appears to be in Schiaparelli’s Inferno Couture.” Naomi Campbell also wore a lion head as she walked to represent the brand in a show at Paris Fashion Week.

Kardashian fans roar with disapproval

Celebrity Sightings - Paris Fashion Week - Haute Couture Spring Summer 2023 : Day One
Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Kylie’s comments were flooded with some love from her friends and family members, with many calling the outfit “Leo energy” and her mom Kris Jenner writing: “My little lioness 🦁 you are so beautiful 🖤.”

However, the majority of Kylie’s fans weren’t impressed and didn’t believe the message from the designer. Some claimed it was promoting animal abuse. One fan commented: “This is appalling, so wrong on so many levels.”

Another alleged on Instagram: “This ain’t fashion, just promotes animal abuse.”

“Someone please explain how this is art?? In my opinion it looks like she is promoting hunting/animal cruelty. Faux or not. Someone with her power should not be wearing this and calling it ‘fashion’,” reacted a fan.

GRV Media and Reality Titbit has asked Kylie’s representative for comment.


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