Once again, the youngest Kardashian-Jenner is proving that an all-denim outfit has definitely made its comeback with a new denim dress.

The 24-year-old billionaire is cementing her place as the denim queen all over again. Sharing the pic with her 366 million followers, Kylie is donning a skintight denim dress to die for – and fans are loving it.

Bringing denim back

Earlier this month, Kylie donned a bodycon denim dress and denim boots whilst in London. The make-up mogul supposedly brought 20 suitcases with her when promoting her new cosmetics line. Could it be that it was all filled with denim?

That dress was made up of different shades of denim and embellished with silver details from head to toe. Believed to be part of the Marine Serr ‘State of Soul’ collection, the dress can be viewed here. Though it isn’t yet available to buy, with Kylie Jenner’s approval, it’s sure to sell out quickly.

This time, Kylie took to her Instagram to show off a different denim number: one denim shame, faded, with cutout detail on the front. In under a day, the post has over five million likes, with fans going crazy over the look. The fire emoji was sure being spammed, with one commenting that Kylie ‘invented denim really.’

Could Kylie singlehandedly bring 90s denim fashion into the 2020s?

London Celebrity Sightings - August 6, 2022
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The Alternative Denim Queen

Obviously, others are thinking this too. Only last week Vogue did a piece on Kylie’s denim outfits out as of late, labeling her ‘the alternative denim queen’

Claiming Kylie to be a ‘supporter of emerging brands’, Vogue (and everyone!) can’t get enough of her upcycled pieces and one-of-a-kind looks.

The Devised Antithetical mini skirt’ that Kylie styled lately is just one of these upcycled pieces. Made from cuts from a thrift store by self-taught founder Brittany Garcia.

Another brand Kylie is loving at the moment is Otti0inger, possibly the most established of these emerging brands. Also seen recently on her Instagram are the Ottoinger jeans that come with a ‘green-conscious mission‘. The jeans are sustainably sourced from denim brand Isko and Kylie is obviously a fan.

Jeans to go green

After the recent controversy, perhaps eco-conscious fashion is a step in the right direction for Kylie. Her Instagram post captioned ‘Yours or mine?’ received plenty of backlash for glorifying the use of private jets.

The picture features two private jets to the side of the image, with Kylie and Travis Scott in the middle. Once uploaded, many users pointed out the negative effects private jets have on the planet, particularly when used for short-haul flights. This wasn’t the first time any of the Kardashians had been called out on their ‘traveling in style’. Perhaps the backlash has made Kylie have a change of heart, one small step at a time.

In with the jeans, out with the private jets?

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