The spooky season is just around the corner, and Kylie Jenner celebrated it with her BFF Hailey Bieber, searching for a late-night snack in the streets of Hollywood.

The Kardashians are the biggest fans when it comes to big celebrations like Halloween and Christmas. Planning their looks in advance, Kylie was the first to bring out her Kardashian Halloween spirit by joining her close friend Hailey Bieber dressed as a witch.

The Kylie Cosmetics founder is also set to appear on an upcoming Halloween-themed episode of Hailey’s celebrity interview series on her YouTube Channel, titled Who’s In My Bathroom?

After filming, Kylie and Hailey took over the streets of Hollywood for a pizza trip. They joked about not understanding where ‘the stares’ were coming from.

Kylie and Hailey’s late-night snack

On October 12, Kylie took to TikTok to share her day with The Biebers after filming an episode for Hailey’s YouTube series.

Kylie and Hailey went out in search of a late-night snack while in costume. Covered in green make up, the young stars had the best time together celebrating the spooky season.

The duo was joined by famous singer Justin Bieber, who dressed up as a construction worker.

“Loves a 3rd wheel,” Kylie wrote in her caption.

In the 39-second video, the mom-of-two shared a glimpse of their night out as the three were on a hunt to eat some cheesy pizza after hours of filming.

“Why is everyone staring at us,” she ironically asked. Hailey responded: “I feel like we’re so normal, so it makes no sense”.

We’re green with envy

Kylie and Hailey have been friends for a long time, even before the celebrity met and married singer Justin.

Seeing them reunite and spending time together, fans rushed to react to their hilarious get-together. Kardashian fanatics praised their favorite reality star for being the “main character of every Halloween”.

“Oh to be at the same pizzeria as they are at the same time,” one fan commented.

This fan just knew and said: “I don’t think they’re staring cause of the costumes… I think they’re staring ’cause you’re Kylie Jenner.”

“The world needs more from you and Hailey combination,” a third fan wrote.

When Justin joined the two, a fan asked, “Where’s Travis?”

Who’s in Hailey’s bathroom?

Hailey’s YouTube series Who’s In My Bathroom has become an October obsession for her millions of fans.

The series brings different celebrities in front of the camera, from singers and actors to TikTok stars. They hang out in a set-up of her bathroom and discuss their lives as well as play challenges.

Her older sister Kendall became the first guest on Hailey’s celebrity YouTube series. Other guest stars have been the likes of Addison Rae, Emma Chamberlain, The Kid Laroi, and Lil Dicky.

Announcing her latest guest, the 25-year-old added a photo of Kylie lying in a bathtub.



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