The name of Kylie Jenner’s son remains a mystery, but the reality star has admitted that they’ve officially settled on a name after regretting “Wolf” following his birth certificate signing.

Kylie Jenner welcomed her son in February 2022 with Travis Scott, initially naming him Wolf Webster. The family retracted the name weeks later, announcing on Instagram that they “didn’t feel like it was him.” Six months later, the internet is still hanging onto every possible hint as his new name has yet to be disclosed.

The latest episode of The Kardashians sees Kylie explain to Kris the current status of the name conundrum. You’ll be happy to know that baby Webster has an official name, with the makeup guru revealing how she felt about the initial choice.

Kylie Jenner’s named her son Wolf out of panic

Kylie Jenner speaking about post-pregnancy in The Kardashians confessional
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Requesting an update on her grandson, Kris was surprised to hear about Kylie settling on a name.

“I’m not gonna announce it because God forbid we change it again,” the mom-of-two replied.

When asked by producers in her confessional, Kylie revealed Wolf has not been changed legally yet, though Travis still continues to change his mind.

“He’ll come back and be like, ‘I really like this name.’ And then for the day he’ll call him that and I’m like, ‘We can’t do this again.'” she explained.

Before jokingly adding: “I’m waiting for him to just name himself”.

The new parents never had a name in mind and thought “it’d just come to us when we saw him.”

That wasn’t the case, and thus put Kylie under pressure to register a name to secure his social security number.

24 hours before they signed the birth certificate, Khloé suggested the name Wolf, which Kylie initially liked. After the signing, however, her mind changed.

“So we just put Wolf Webster in that moment,” she recalled. “And right after, I was like, ‘What did I just do?'”

“It’s a part of his story, but his name is changed,” Kylie added.

As Kylie said, she believed the right name would come to her upon his arrival. Even if she had no name in mind, you can’t blame her – she’s been extremely busy with her beauty empire.

Kris Jenner was well-prepared with her children’s names

Kris and Kylie Jenner discussing Kylie's baby name in The Kardashians
Screenshot from Disney+ player – The Kardashians season 2 episode 2 Courtesy Disney+/Hulu

Unlike Kylie, Kris was well-organized with her baby names before their births.

The momager fell in love with the name Courtney and replaced it with a K to give it the Kardashian flair.

As for Kim, Kris noted Christmas as her favorite day of the year, and thus Noel – Christmas in French – came into the mix. Koel sounded “really weird” so the French term became Kim’s second name.

Khloé’s name takes inspiration from French fashion house Chloé, with the signature K.

The eldest Jenner sister was initially going to be Kennedy or Kameron, while Kylie was selected because “Kendall and Kylie” just rolled off the tongue.

You can’t forget about Rob, who was named after her late husband Robert Kardashian Snr.



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