It’s been less than a year since Kylie Jenner gave birth to her second child and she’s already making us envious as she shows off her post-pregnancy curves in her latest Instagram post for her recent collaboration with Glow Tea.

Kylie has stripped down to a skimpy black bikini as she poses with the drink, and if that won’t make you buy it then we don’t know what will as fans are stunned by her “perfect” post-pregnancy bod.

BMF Documentary: Blowing Money Fast | Official Trailer | STARZ

BMF Documentary: Blowing Money Fast | Official Trailer | STARZ
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Kylie shows off her curves for her latest collab

Kylie posted a compilation of three pictures on Instagram to promote her latest collaboration with Glow Tea. In the images she can be seen in her pool, rocking a simple black bikini with her naturally dark hair. 

As she drinks the tea, Kylie shows off her stunning curves to fans, with her toned and flat stomach stealing the show, despite having a baby less than a year ago. In the caption she promoted the tea, saying:

It’s the GLOW® for me. I’m excited to join the @drinkglow team.

What is Glow Tea?

It seems that all the Kardashian/Jenner sisters are getting on the health collaborations, following Kourtney’s Lemme Vitamin release, Kylie is now collaborating with Glow Tea.

Glow Tea is a healthy, hydrating tea full of supplements and vitamins that benefit your body. Their Instagram bio reads, “Sparkling hydration that supports a healthy mind & body.”

They recently reposted Kylie’s picture and quoted something that she said to the company, the statement from Kylie read:

I’ve always been interested in the water and functional beverage category. My ambassadorship with GLOW® is exciting as it allows me to support a product that is revolutionizing the industry. In the past, sparkling waters have lacked enhancements and functional waters have lacked carbonation.

Fans can’t get over her post-pregnancy body

It seemed that fans didn’t seem to be too bothered by the promotion of the tea as they were more focussed on how great Kylie’s physique looked in the pictures. Close friend Natalie Halcro wrote in the comments, “It’s the body for me. Sheesh.”

Other fans of the billionaire makeup mogul had the same reaction writing, “how does one woman look so perfect.” Another commented on her post-pregnancy body saying, “only Miss Kylie Jenner would look THAT good after recently giving birth. It’s not fair.”

Some fans even asked the star to share her secrets and tips saying, “how do you do that after giving birth? Is it surgery or a severe workout routine, please let us other mums know.”

No matter what it is that has made Miss Jenner’s toned body look so good, we can’t deny that she is looking incredible.


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