Kylie Jenner gives an update about her baby son’s new name and reveals the couple still hasn’t ‘legally’ changed it yet. However, the couple thinks they have hit the jackpot with his new name.

Momager Kris and Kylie Jenner were the latest guests to appear at The Late Late Show with James Corden. As both reality stars introduced the upcoming second season of The Kardashians, the British host used the opportunity to get the answers many fans were hoping to get – and that included the name of her son.

Kylie welcomed her second child with Travis Scott in February of this year, giving her four-year-old daughter Stormi a sibling. Weeks later, the beauty mogul revealed to her hundreds of millions of followers that his chosen birth name was going to be Wolf Webster.

However, the 25-year-old announced that the couple had decided to change his name because “it didn’t feel like him”. Seven months later, the reality star still hasn’t revealed his name and its reason has finally been shared.

Kylie Jenner isn’t ready for the public to know

Seven months later, naturally, the public is still curious to find out about her son’s name. However, the Kylie Cosmetics founder isn’t ready for the world to know about his identity.

Kylie revealed: “We haven’t officially legally changed his name. His name is still Wolf. His passport is World, but that isn’t going to be his name. We’re just waiting.”

Representing the Kardashian fans, the British host asked: “How long do we wait?”

As Kylie resisted revealing his name to the host and its audience, Kris stepped in to save the night and joked: “So, we’ve been calling him Andy for nothing?”

The mogul then clarified that the family no longer calls him Wolf, leading to James questioning the celebrity.

“You know… We’re just not ready to share yet. Travis likes to sometimes… One day, he’ll be like, ‘Oooh, this name’s kinda cool,’ and change it again. So we’re just not officially probably gonna change it until…”

Kris Jenner was the ‘videographer’ during Kylie’s birth

Welcoming six children and being a grandmother to another 12, the famous momager has become an expert in delivering babies into the world.

As the two reality TV personalities sat down with the host James, Kris revealed that she was the one involved in the birth of her child, Stormi. “You know she delivered my first child? Fully took my baby out of the vagina,” Kylie shared.

Kylie then clarified that the family was in the hospital with their doctor, but the 66-year-old took over to deliver her granddaughter. She then praised her mother for helping her during the birth of her daughter as she “wouldn’t want anyone else by my side”.

It was then revealed that the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch became the videographer at her second birth, which fans might see during the second season of The Kardashian as Kylie gets ready to deliver her second son with Travis Scott.

Fans react to their mother-daughter bond

As Kardashian fans have seen the episode, many reacted to the special bond that Kylie has with her mother. It is the first time that the 25-year-old appeared on the show (after canceling an appearance at the show last minute back in 2016), and many agreed that Kylie is now “more comfortable in public appearances”.

A fan commented: “I love that Kylie always goes on shows with her mother… She looks more confident with her mother by her side…”

A second fan wrote: “I love the Kylie and Kris duo. They’re so funny and real.”

Another one added: “She seems so comfortable and confident here. She’s normally nervous in her interviews so it’s nice to see her relaxed and happy. Kris is just iconic lol.”

Kardashian followers also rushed to defend the reality star for not wanting to keep her son’s identity private and doing an “amazing job of keeping everything about her baby boy to herself and her family”.



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