Kylie Cosmetics CEO Kylie Jenner has shared an Instagram post, where she is seen putting together products for her brand. However, the absence of a hat and gloves has sparked hygiene worries among her followers.

When The Kardashian star launched her popular lip kits, she brought a whole new meaning to a matte pout several years ago. But when a photo emerged of the star in the laboratory using her bare hands, fan chaos ensued.

Several followers commented asking why she wasn’t wearing a hat or gloves while she held the make-up liquid canisters and weighed the products. However, a series of photos did show her wearing a laboratory coat.

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Kylie shares behind the scenes post

Kylie posted a series of snaps wearing a laboratory coat on August 3rd. She is seen wearing her long hair down while putting together make-up into canisters, but her bare hands have sparked fears in her followers.

She revealed in the caption to her 2.2 million followers:

In the lab creating new magic for you guys 💕 better than ever. @kyliecosmetics.

The post, which garnered over 6 million likes in less than 24 hours, received a multitude of excited comments from both her family and fans – but not everyone was overjoyed with the safety element of the photographs.

Her bare hands spark hygiene fears

When Kylie uploaded the behind-the-scenes post to her Instagram page, her followers quickly noticed that she wasn’t wearing a hat or gloves while creating the make-up products – sparking hygiene worries.

One fan wrote: “Aren’t you supposed to wear gloves, mask and the hair net thingy???” Several others simply told her to wear a hair cap, and assumed that they would find hair in the products as a result of her locks not being in a net.

Another said: “I just see so many lab rules not being followed.” However, some fans think she wasn’t really making the products. A follower responded to this comment with: “Lol, you wish. She’s just pretending for marketing purposes…”

Kylie Cosmetics has been contacted for comment.

Kylie Cosmetics states ‘clean’ products

The website for Kylie Cosmetics claims the make-up and skin care products are “vegan” and “clean”. Six new matte liquid lipstick shades have just been released online, along with their gloss drip balms.

Within the FAQ section of the site, they state: “Our formulas are made in the USA and Europe, with globally sourced ingredients. When possible, we choose naturally derived ingredients over synthetics in all formulations.”

It also says the company does not use parabens, sulphates, or soy in their products, while all of the items are cruelty-free. All products have been tested by a board-certified dermatologist and have passed all required safety testing.

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