Lamar Odom teases new ink 3 years after Khloe's initials were removed
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Lamar Odom teases new ink 3 years after Khloe's initials were removed

Celebrity Big Brother 3 finally came to an end, but it wasn’t the only end viewers noticed. Another goodbye came when contestant Lamar Odom teased a new tattoo, several years after Khloe Kardashian’s initials were removed.

Khloe and Lamar had a turbulent marriage, having tied the knot in September 2009 after only one month of dating, but later parting ways in 2013. However, the divorce was placed on hold and they remained wed for three more years.

Although he often appeared on KUWTK, Lamar had another reality TV stint on the recent CBB3 series, where he became a firm fan favorite despite not seeming to have a clue what was going on.

During the series, but more prominently in the 2022 season finale, viewers noticed that Lamar’s previous ink which honored his ex-wife Khloe is no longer a thing.

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Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Lamar Odom got ‘KK’ tattooed

Lamar had a tattoo of his ex-wife Khloe Kardashian’s initials, and she had the same for him. However, she got laser removal of the ink, which also had his initials ‘LO’, on her hand.

The former couple’s decision to get each other’s initials inked was spontaneous, as it was casually just something they discussed over dinner. Her blog detailed how she wanted both of them to have a tattoo that signified their love.

Khloe knew what she wanted hers to look like when they went to the tattoo parlour. While she got ‘LM’ on the web of her hand, the Celebrity Big Brother star got ‘KO’ on both of his hands.

Lamar still had the ‘KK’ initials on his hands during a 2018 interview on BET’s Mancave, when he revealed he still has love for Khloe and her family, before admitting he never got rid of the tattoo. He said:

I still got my shawty’s name still on me, her initials still on me. But for no reason. You know what I’m saying? I understand when it’s over, it’s over. When she was with her second or third NBA ball player, I could see that.

Does Lamar still have the tattoo?

No, Lamar has removed the ink which details ‘KK’ on both hands. He was spotted in Studio City, California, on Tuesday, May 14th 2019, with laser removal scars on his hand where her initials used to be tattooed, as per In Touch Weekly.

The move suggested to fans that he was finally ready to move on from the Kardashian sister, despite recent reports by E! News which state he would like to take his ex-wife out for a date following his CBB appearance.

He often discussed their relationship on the CBS show, and has since revealed that if he was to talk to Khloe now, he would first ask her how she and her daughter True are doing and maybe ask her for lunch.

Lamar had opened up to fellow contestant Todrick Hall about losing Khloe, and his regrets about doing so. He said:

It would be a blessing just to be in her presence. I’d tell her sorry for the fool I was.

Fans guess Lamar’s new ink

Although the ex-NBA player has not revealed his new ink yet, fans have made guesses about what the tattoo could be.

Lamar’s new tattoo is expected to be a ‘Mamba Mentality’, in honour of his late friend and NBA player Kobe Bryant. He opened up about his friendship with Kobe Bryant on the February 19th episode of Celebrity Big Brother.

He spoke about the day he learned of Kobe’s death, and said:

Kobe was my teammate on the Lakers, and we were more than just teammates, we were like brothers. I haven’t really thought about how much I looked up to him, but now that he’s not here, I really realize it. That day, it just sticks in my memory forever.

Others guess that the new ink could say Kobe’s name, or that the tattoo could mean ‘defined’ or ‘stated’.


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