Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd’s long-lasting romance began at a nightclub. Six weeks after their first meeting, they got married and have been inseparable since then.

At the time, Lisa Vanderpump was a 20-year-old actress who lived independently in her London flat. At the time, she was dating someone else and volunteering to drop off and pick up her younger brother at Ken’s London Bar.

A night after ending up helping her brother in the manager’s absence, Ken Todd walked through the door. That’s how their story began: the moment they first laid eyes on each other.

Celebrating Lisa’s 62nd birthday, Reality Titbit throws it back 41 years to share how the love story between the beloved former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars began.

Lisa Vanderpump was ‘swept off her feet’ by Ken Todd

During an episode of the ‘Straight Up with Stassi‘ podcast, the RHOBH star shared the story of her romance with her husband of 40 years, Ken Todd.

Lisa met Ken when she was 21, and Tom was 16 years her senior. At the time, her brother was working at a nightclub where the restaurateur also used to work at. The Briton would often drop off and pick up her sibling and found herself at the club after a manager was missing.

Even though Vanderpump was dating someone else at the time, she felt an “instant connection” with him. Total opposites, she said: “He was wrong for me in every sense of the world. He was 16 years older than me. He was a playboy running around town with his trousers around his ankles.”

Ken also noticed the physical attraction that both had with each other and asked for her number. Nonetheless, the Bravo star refused because she knew she was going to “fall in love with him”.

Lisa then went to America. When she returned to England two months later, she crossed paths with Ken. Agreeing to go on a date, the two have been together ever since.

“Desperate to marry somebody, you came along”

The famous couple sat down together for The Insider. After many years together, Lisa and Ken asked each other questions, such as the time Lisa knew she loved him. Jokingly with a straight face, she answered, “I think after we got married”.

The RHOBH star said she had feelings for Ken from the first moment, and eventually realized that her love for the entrepreneur was real. She told him: “I think I was so desperate to marry someone, and then you came along.”

What became a joke between the two, ended in a real conversation when Ken said he loved her “ten seconds after I met you”. The 76-year-old then confessed that she was “a breath of fresh air that made everything so wonderful.”

Touched by his words, Vanderpump asked him why it took so long for him to say that, to which he replied that she’d never asked. It is clear that they love each other very much.

Together for four decades

The couple got engaged and married within months of their first date in 1982. Through all their public appearances, their romance has remained strong ever since. Vanderpump said that Todd “never put me down, he never belittled me, he would take me to meetings and ask my opinion.”

As in love as the first time they locked eyes in that nightclub and became reality stars, the couple have shared their personal and professional with their millions of followers, as Lisa then became a popular cast member of The Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Lisa and Ken are parents of two children, Pandora Vanderpump Sabo, and Max Vanderpump-Todd. From time to time, both have appeared in the nine seasons of RHOBH.

The two have raised all kinds of animals as well as founded the Vanderpump Dog Foundation, which supports the humane treatment of dogs. Lisa has eight dogs, four of them being Pomeranians.



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