Megan Fox shared that she has trypanophobia via Instagram Stories in September 2022 before showing off a new set of “cotton candy” coloured nails. The Transformers actress showed that she’d had an IV on September 17th wearing a leopard print fluffy hat and brown strappy top.

So, let’s take a look at what trypanophobia is as well as what Megan’s ‘aurora borealis’-inspired nails are all about. She and MGK appear to be having a great time in the sun, judging by her IG Stories…

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Megan Fox says she has trypanophobia

Taking to Instagram Stories on September 17th, Megan wrote: “Raise your hand if you have trypanophobia and need to pray to archangel Michael before getting an IV”.

The words were typed over a selfie that Megan had taken where she donned a 90s-Esq leopard-print hat.

She also showed that she’d had an IV done as she had a cotton ball taped to her inner arm.

That isn’t her only phobia

Trypanophobia, per the Cleveland Clinic, is: “…the extreme fear of needles. Specifically, people with this phobia feel afraid of getting injections or blood draws.”

Megan clearly faced her fear this September. She also has spoken of other fears she has in the past including a phobia of dry paper while speaking to Jimmy Fallon, per Digital Spy.

She also added that she has a fear of the dark during the interview.

Megan’s nails are ‘aurora borealis’ inspired

After sharing her phobia snap, Megan appeared to make some time to have fun with her partner, Machine Gun Kelly.

She took to IG Stories again to share a photo of herself in a pool and later by a waterfall with MGK.

After a SpongeBob ice-lolly also made the ‘gram, Megan shared that she’d had her nails done at LA Nails by Brittney Boyce.

Megan shared a very pink photo of herself with the new nails and wrote: “cotton candy aurora borealis” and tagged LA NAils.

Aurora borealis is another name for the Northern Lights and it looks like she was opting for a pink and purple theme on September 17th with the cotton candy colour. Megan also wore another hat in her snap, but this time it was light pink, matching her nails.


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