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2022 Billboard Music Awards - Red Carpet
Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for MRC

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's cringiest red carpet moments including that snub

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have been the “it” couple for quite some time now, with the pair usually openly affectionate, to the point where Megan even said she “manifested” MGK into her life.

However, the pair aren’t always caught quite so cute as there have been a couple of cringy moments on the red carpet between them in the past. From that incredibly awkward kiss snub at the Daily Front Row Awards to when MGK got into a fight with Connor McGregor.

Reality Titbit has all the details on the pair’s most awkward and cringe red carpet moments. Check it out.

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Elizabeth: The Unseen Queen | Trailer | BBC

Elizabeth: The Unseen Queen | Trailer | BBC
Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for MRC

Megan dodges MGK’s kiss on the red carpet

On Sunday MGK and Fox attended the Daily Front Row Awards cement and MGK attempted to give Meg a little kiss but she didn’t seem like she was having any of it.

In the video, MGK tries to hug his fiance from behind and snuggle into her but meg looks irritated by him and in response, she sidesteps and glares at him.

Akwarkdly, MGK does an uncomfortable laugh at the rejection and fans were quick to comment and point out that Fox wanted “nothing to do with him” at the event.

MGK got into a fight with Connor McGregor at the VMA’s

During the 2021 VMA’s another cringe moment occurred when MGK had to be separated from Connor McGregor after they got into a fight and had to be “pulled apart.”

The photos show the Irish boxer and musician being pulled apart by security after they got into a fight. A source also added that McGregor apparently threw his drink too.

The source told Page Six that everybody was screaming and “[McGregor] was ready to throw fists. Security was having trouble holding him back.”

The awkward moment an announcer called Megan MGK’s wife

Whilst they were at the game, the jumbotron focussed the camera on the couple whilst they were watching the game. MGK had his arm around Megan and the couple appeared very loved up.

The announcer proceeded to announce, “Machine Gun Kelly and his wife, Megan Fox, in the building.”

The pair didn’t make any suggestions of denial as the announcer said this, MGK proceeded to make the devil sign with his hands whilst Megan giggled and then covered her mouth and whispered something to her fiance in private.

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