Fans are in awe of Michelle Visage’s body as she stars on The Wendy Williams Show. It comes after she revealed that her weight would always fluctuate while being a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

“Shante, you slay.” Those are the words of RuPaul, the host of the drag race show Michelle has judged on for several years. In 2019, she removed her breast implants due to having Hashimoto’s Disease, and wanted to regain health.

Michelle was first diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder, which attacks the thyroid gland, aged 29. Fogginess, hair loss, fatigue and sudden weight gain are just some of the side effects of the disorder.

During the same year, the judge and American DJ partnered up with Giovanni Pernice, who she rehearsed with for a minimum of eight hours a day. This led to her dropping the pounds and adopting her slender figure.

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Fans react to Michelle’s figure

When Michelle appears on The Wendy Williams Show, fans are always in awe of her looks. So much so that, following the May 9th episode, followers took to comment on her recent Instagram picture with positive compliments.

One fan wrote: “You look AMAZING!!! What is your lifestyle secret???”

Another said that she looks “healthy” while a fellow fan commented on her appearance: “Just saw you on Wendy show. You looked good. Someone’s been touched by an angel.”

“You look amazing Michelle. Did I just say amazing? I meant stunning!”, a fan reacted to Michelle’s Instagram post.

How Michelle Visage maintains her bod

When she went on Strictly Come Dancing in 2019, the judge dropped a significant amount of weight due to rehearsing for at least eight hours a day. Michelle has recently taken on a new diet, which includes removing the following:

Her co-star Leah said that their weight fluctuates all the time, before Michelle added that they have done every diet together. Michelle also said that her skin is a different place where it was before, and now has her arms on show often.

Now 54, the host then told Leah: “At the end of the day, we can still get it.” It comes after she revealed that she would “never have her arms out” but is now taking on an entire new self-confidence in herself.

She removed breast implants in 2019

Michelle removed her last set of breast implants in 2019, after getting three sets of breast implants over 30 years. As reported by Today, the judge said she began “chasing her wellness,” in the hopes of easing her Hashimoto’s symptoms.

There is some research that certain diet modifications can help to reduce systemic inflammation and support the immune system. She went gluten-free and tried other measures, but she still suffered.

She had her first breast implant surgery when she was 21 years old, and after that initial surgery got them enlarged twice over the years. It was then in 2019 that Michelle got rid of her trademark implants, as she “needed them out.”

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