Rockstar and band member of MXPX, Mike Herrera and his wife, Holli, featured on season five of Fixer Upper back in 2018 when they asked Chip and Joanna Gaines for their expert help in finding and creating them a stunning new home as they relocated from Washington to Waco, Texas.

The couple helped the rockstar and his family find their dream home in a quiet neighbourhood with spacious rooms and spots for the music legend to perform and rehearse in the comfort of his own home.

It turns out that the family are still living in their Waco home four years down the line and they seem to be loving life in their new house. Reality Titbit has all the details on their stunning home as well as their continued time spent there.

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Mike and Holli Herrera. Picture: Chip & Joanna Build A Music Studio For This Rock Star’s House | Fixer Upper

Mike Herrera’s Fixer Upper home

After they moved from Washington to Waco, the house they settled on renovating was a stunning, old, traditional American home that required a lot of work being done to it, however, its old features provided a huge load of character that the pair ended up keeping, such as the antique fireplace in the bedroom.

Chip and Joanna kept the original hardwood floors and worked around the space they had. They ripped out the walls and replaced them with drywall and even added an impressive feature library-style wall.

They fitted an entire music studio for Mike in the back of the house that boasted some cool and unique features, such as the miss-matched pine blocks they used to create an acoustic block wall.

The whole house had a modern, industrial, farmhouse vibe and even featured a beautiful and heartwarming feature sign in the living room that contained Mike’s lyrics to one of his most special songs.

Mike was over the moon with the home

When it came to the big reveal and moment and truth, Mike’s face dropping said it all. Both of the pair loved the home and the first thing Mike said was “it’s perfect.”

The pair loved the feature yellow front door that instantly made the house look inviting. As they took a look inside they were just as impressed. Chip and Joanna had moved the stunning mantelpiece from the bedroom into the living room to keep the character in the house which Mike loved.

The couple were in awe as they took in all the features of the house and when they saw the lyric sign Mike was blown away and his wife began to cry.

The couple are still living there

It appears they really were in love with their Waco home as from what we can see on Instagram, the family have continued to live there as they raise their children.

Holli posted a picture in February of herself and her children as they enjoyed the snow outside of their Texas home. You can tell it’s the property from the stand out the yellow door in the background. The caption of the picture read:

What happened to flying south for the winter? #texasblizzard2021

Holli Herrera, Instagram



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