Here we go again. The rumours of a possible break-up between Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury have surfaced online.

Molly, who will be spending a few weeks without her beau Tommy Fury, had fans worried as he moved into a new place without her. But don’t worry, Molly has broken her silence and responded to any doubt.

Molly and Tommy have been together since their exit from the Love Island series back in 2019. After suffering a robbery where the couple lost up to £800,000 worth of luxury goods, the couple finally settled down in their dream home this year.

The former Islander took to her Instagram stories to clear up the air as rumours were swirling around a possible split with Tommy Fury. She set the record straight as she gave a house tour of the first floor of the new home.

Tommy Fury has a place on his own – temporarily

Although she has kept the looks of her stunning mansion a secret and has only shared a few bits through her Instagram home account, she gave a full house tour of her boyfriend’s brand-new apartment in East London.

As Drake’s song Massive was playing in the background, she took a video of the fully-refurbished and modern apartment, with an open kitchen and spacious living room. Molly also showed the stunning views from above, where Westfield’s Stratford could be seen.

However, this time around, Molly won’t be spending as much time in the apartment. Despite it not being a permanent move, Tommy will be residing in the new apartment “temporarily”. Its reason? Training purposes. The young boxer is set to fight American YouTuber Jake Paul in just a few months.

False alarm, Tommy Fury and Molly Mae did not break up

It seems that Tommy’s sudden house move confused fans as to why the couple was not living together anymore. Thankfully, Molly cleared up the confusion to the concerned fans who thought the two were no longer together.

Omg guys Tommys just training in London. We haven’t split up, my DMS are going mad,” the 23-year-old captioned with a selfie of herself.

Before answering her fans, she added two images where the 22-year-old boxer was laying down on his bed. Another story followed of a picture of the two was put next to his bedside table.

“On his bedside. Why you this cute,” Molly-Mae wrote in the photo and a crying face emoji.

Molly and Tommy are “very much in love” – Together for the long run

PrettyLittleThing X Molly-Mae Fashion Show - Front Row
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Before Molly headed to Italy, the lovebirds celebrated her 23rd birthday in Dubai. Tommy and Molly spent a few days away from the busy London environment and were reportedly even looking at possible engagement rings.

According to The Sun, the PLL creative director was eyeing different engagement rings, including a five-carat diamond one that costs approximately £220,000.

As per the reports, the couple stayed for an hour designing the ring. It was also claimed Tommy wanted it to be a “top-of-the-range” type of engagement ring. Looking very much in love, he reportedly threw a joke about just being here “to pay for it” as Molly gave him the upset look.

On the day of her birthday, Tommy took to his Instagram account and told his 4.1 million followers Molly was “the best partner a man could wish to have.”

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