Over KUWTK’s 14-year run, the Kardashian-Jenner clan has delivered countless memorable moments. Now we have Hulu’s The Kardashians to feast on and Kris has arguably become the focus of the show; some fans have even labeled the matriarch the ‘funniest’ Kardashian.

Kim, Kris, Kourtney, Khloé, Kendall, and Kylie have let us in on their hilarious highs and their devastating lows. One thing is for sure, we can always rely on Kris to make the most out of every situation. Some of the most iconic Kardashian-Jenner moments center around the momager, so grab the popcorn as we take a trip down memory lane.

Here are Kris Jenner’s most iconic moments from seeing Scott Disick naked to suffering a severe allergic reaction…

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Seeing Scott Disick naked

Scott Disick has always had a close relationship with the Kardashian-Jenner family, but when Kris walked in on him naked she screamed in horror. Kourtney’s mom yelled “Oh my god!” and ran out the door as she saw her daughter’s boyfriend naked in the hall of her home.

Scott remained nonchalant about the incident as Kourtney yelled from the top of the stairs in a bathrobe, “Wait, what just happened?” Kourtney asked, “She just saw you naked?”

Kourtney then questioned Scott: “And you’re not freaked out?” to which he joked: “I mean, she’s probably never seen me like this before.”

Kris then explained the encounter to Kim who asked her mom about every detail she saw. Kris told the cameras: “I’m like traumatized.”

Taking pregnancy test

Kylie tells Khloé to take a pregnancy test after she complains about feeling unwell, and says she’ll take one with her for moral support. Kris just can’t miss out and the momager gets in on the fun too.

Khloé and Kylie’s Clearblue test comes up with ‘not pregnant’ whereas Kris’ test has no result. Khloé jokes that her mom is too old to be taking the test and the trio erupts into fits of laughter.

Kris high off weed gummies

In episode three, Kris, Khloé, and Kris’ boyfriend Corey Gamble visit a marijuana dispensary with cannabis-based products. Kris spent over $1,000 on edibles and spent a lot of the episode high.

When she went for dinner with Khloé, and Gamble, the gummy high began to kick in as they were drinking margaritas. Kris started laughing as she played peek-a-boo with Khloé using a restaurant napkin.

The most hilarious part of this iconic moment is when she asked Khloé how her hairdresser does the “floop” in her hair, referring to Khloé’s Hollywood blow-dry.

Kris gets drunk in Napa

The famed momager let loose in a trip to wine country, Napa Valley. Kim and Khloé watched in hysterics as Kris declared it was time for her thirteenth glass of wine, which happens to be her “lucky number.”

Kris has previously been seen getting drunk at wineries in multiple KUWTK episodes. However, this trip was especially hilarious as she dances around barrels, which even has Corey in a laughing fit.

Kris’ facial allergic reaction

The matriarch suffered an allergic reaction in season seven of KUWTK, as her upper lip became inflamed during a family vacation to the Dominican Republic.

Despite speculation that Kris had plastic surgery or filler, a doctor on the show confirmed it was an allergic reaction. However, it was never revealed what caused the reaction and Kris explained she was undergoing tests to get to the bottom of it.

In an interview with the streaming platform Hay-U, KUWTK’s executive producer Farnaz Farjam revealed: “One of my most memorable moments was Kris Jenner’s lip moment.”

He continued: “She didn’t want to film because she had a swollen lip, but she understood that we were on a family vacation and that’s what was happening to her and she kind of just needed to roll with it, and she did.”


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