Moriah Plath's fortune is soaring as her Missed Myself single gets 67K YouTube views
Moriah on Her Breakup With Max | Welcome to Plathville

Moriah Plath's fortune is soaring as her Missed Myself single gets 67K YouTube views

Since Welcome To Plathville hit our screens in 2019, members of the Plath family have risen to fame. However, daughter Moriah has reached new levels of stardom through hard work and incredible talent as a singer-songwriter. 

The musician is easily one of the most talked-about members of the family thanks to her desire to stand out in a crowd and pursue a career in music. Now she is racking up a hefty fortune thanks to the increasing popularity of her music. 

Reality Titbit is here to shed some light on her current net worth as well as her music and videos that are already reaching tens of thousands of views. Check it out.

My Life as a Rolling Stone | Trailer | BBC

My Life as a Rolling Stone | Trailer | BBC
Moriah on Her Breakup With Max | Welcome to Plathville

Moriah Plath’s net worth

At just 20 years old, Moriah is doing incredibly well for herself. We Publish News estimates her net worth falls between $1 million and $5 million. However, her monthly income has yet to be disclosed. 

Whatever the exact total, being a member of the millionaires club at 20 isn’t too bad! A large chunk of this money most likely comes from her appearances on Welcome To Plathville but the upcoming singer’s big moves in the music industry are definitely helping. 

How does Moriah make her money?

One of the most obvious ways Moriah earns money is through her family’s reality TV show Welcome to Plathville. The TLC show premiered in 2019 and has gone on for four seasons so far. However, it looks as though Moriah may be off to pastures new as her music career begins to soar. 

We don’t know what her salary is per episode of the show but it’s probably pretty hefty. The star also has a Cameo, where people can purchase video messages from her for $50. 

Her Cameo profile states: “Hey, it’s Moriah Plath! I’m so happy to be on Cameo where I can connect with you all and share some music! I’d love to sing happy birthday, wish a merry Christmas, or just talk to you or a loved one!”

The third and final way Moriah makes her money is through her ever-growing singing career. Until recently she probably wasn’t making much money from this but her latest single has soared and she is becoming much more recognised as an established artist. 

Moriah’s latest video has more than 60,000 hits

Moriah released her latest track, Missed Myself, earlier this year and it already has more than 67,000 views on YouTube. Her tracks before that were only receiving about 20,000 views so it goes to show just how popular she is becoming. 

The singer also boasts an impressive 413K followers on Instagram, with incredibly supportive and active fans, so it’s no wonder she’s starting to soar.

With new music on the way and her journey just starting, it looks as though we’re going to be seeing a lot more from Moriah Plath in the near future. 



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