Nikki Sixx and wife Courtney Bingham are hitting the road as they share ‘pre-show tourism’ snaps with one of their children.

The Mötley Crüe bassist is joining the rest of the band on their world tour this year. They kicked off the tour in February and will be on the road until the start of July.

Sixx was one of the co-founders of Mötley Crüe, the heavy metal group known as the ‘World’s Most Notorious Rock Band’. This might not make the tour seem like the perfect family outing, but the Sixx family look happier than ever on the road.

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Who is Nikki Sixx’s wife?

American bassist Nikki Sixx, real name Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna, Jr., is currently married to Courtney Bingham. A California native, Bingham was born in Santa Monica on September 5, 1985. She is currently 37 years old, making her 27 years Sixx’s junior.

While she is known through her marriage to Nikki Sixx – Bingham even turned down a role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – she has also had a successful entrepreneurial career.

Courtney Bingham ran a DIY business called How 2 Girl. This saw her crafting Valentine’s Day kits for the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles with the help of Kylie Jenner to helping Kate Hudson craft accessories for the actress’s Halloween party in 2016. In the years since Bingham has set up a new business creating DIY flower bouquets.

Touching on why she avoided a role on RHOBH, Bingham explained to the Daily Mail that she’s “just not into the drama, at all, in my life.” Bingham explained that taking part in the reality show would be “like going into the lion’s den. I’m a pretty nice girl, so I’d probably get eaten for breakfast.”

Nikki Sixx and Courtney Bingham ‘instantly clicked’

The pair were introduced by mutual friends in 2010 and “instantly clicked,” Courtney explained in an interview with the website Van Gogh’s Ear Anthology in 2014.

“We spoke over the phone for a few weeks,” she relayed to the website. “I knew a little about his band but not too much about him.”

They tied the knot on March 15, 2014, at Los Angeles’ Greystone Mansion and welcomed their first child together, Ruby, five years later.

Courtney Bingham takes on tour life with couple’s only child

Courtney and Nikki Sixx only have one child together, their daughter Ruby. However, Sixx has four other children from previous relationships.

Sixx’s first child, Gunner, was born in 1991. He shares Gunner, 32, with Playboy Playmate Brandi Brandt. The couple then welcomed Storm, 29, and Decker, 28, before parting ways in 1996.

In 1996, Sixx joined his bandmate in striking up a relationship with a Baywatch star. Sixx married actress Donna D’Errico that year and they welcomed a daughter named Frankie, 22, in 2001.

Ruby and Courtney recently joined Nikki Sixx in Budapest, Hungary while the band is still on tour. It seems like Ruby is already primed for life in the limelight, having completed her first stage walk last summer.

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