Teen Mom alumni Farrah Abraham is seriously selling bottled poop slime with her face on it. As if going on an MTV show wasn’t enough, the reality star is now finding new avenues to make money.

Headlines and social media everywhere had initially started reporting that her actual poo was being sold on the Internet. Although not far from the truth, don’t worry. It’s actually poop slime she is selling online – whatever that is.

Farrah is now taking her public experience as a mom and turning it into something rather unique. She has now started selling bottled ‘poop slime’, a controversial product which has got everyone talking.

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Farrah Abraham sells poop slime

Farrah is officially selling poop slime with her face on it, over on her personal website where she sells products alongside 12-year-old daughter Sophia. It comes after earlier reports by The Sun of the star sending unusual jars.

At the beginning of January, the Teen Mom star announced she was sending her “blessings” in “a lucky jar.”

In a deleted video, which resurfaced on a Teen Mom fan account, the TV personality explained how she did a “number one” while standing next to her toilet in the bathroom, adding that she would cover the top of a small jar and send it.

Since then, she has claimed that the entire thing was a joke and that she’s now selling poop slime. A Reddit thread [below] shows fans reacting to the poop slime:

Cost and how to buy

Farrah’s poop slime can be pre-ordered for $9, which includes tax. The brown poop slime toy, called ‘Farrah Abraham Poopie Slime’ has been made for those aged five and above.

Those interested in buying the product can do so by heading to Farrah’s website, heading to the ‘Shop All’ option, scrolling down and seeing the item on the list. Click here to access the item.

Her face is actually on the front of the product, where she shows off a blonde, curled barnet and wears red lipstick. Despite rumors that she could be selling her actual faeces, it looks like it is actually just slime in a bottle.

Whether the entire thing actually gives out a whiff or two, that’s for buyers to find out… or to sniff for themselves.

Fans react to her poop slime

The controversial poop slime being sold by Farrah has been a topic among fans for a while now. Some are actually jokily praising the former Teen Mom star for putting out a unique product.

“I’m totally buying this… what an icon” wrote one fan, while another said they were preparing to place the unusual item next to their “Kim Kardashian cupcake mix”.

One fan wrote: “That Teen Mom star from MTV, Farrah Abraham, is selling her poop in a jar. True story. Went from Teen Mom, to porn star, to poop seller.”

Another simply couldn’t believe the news. They asked the reality star and mom on Instagram: “Is it true you have poop slime for sale? And are you selling your faeces?

Here for the poop jar“, a fan jokingly claimed in Farrah’s social media comments.



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