North West is following in her mom’s footsteps and now uses some of her extensive nine-step SKKN skincare products every morning. At the age of nine, North shared with her millions of followers what her morning routine looks like.

As the eldest child of reality TV star Kim Kardashian and famous rapper Kanye ‘Ye’ West, North has slowly shown key signs she’s a mini version of both of her parents.

Now a TikTok star, the nine-year-old has built her own fan base through her sped-up TikToks, where she shows snippets of her life and daily routines.

It looks like she’s ready to take over the family business in the beauty video.

‘Getting ready’ with North West and SKKN

On November 12, North went to her conjoint TikTok account with her famous mom to post her version of a ‘Get Ready With Me’. Step by step, from getting out of bed to choosing her outfit, the nine-year-old gave a detailed explanation of her morning routine.

In the 45-second video, North begins by brushing her teeth, followed with most of her mother Kim’s SKKN routine. The entire skincare collection costs around $575. Once ready, she straightens her hair, adds some lip gloss, and runs to her closet to pick up her outfit for the day.

Although her drawers are full of different colored and patterned shirts, North opts for an all-black outfit by choosing an oversized T-shirt and denim jeans. Just like her father, Kanye West. She accessorizes the outfit with white sneakers.

While the prep process took some time, North sped up her video by also adding Aaliyah’s Are You That Somebody tune.

Kardashian fans find her ‘so entertaining’

Racking up 9.4 million followers and surpassing her mother’s individual account, North has become a TikTok star – and fans love to see it.

Northie began posting videos during quarantine, showing her life as the daughter of one of the most famous Hollywood stars, or dancing with her cousins. After experimenting with fashion and makeup, she occasionally shows off her outfits with followers.

Kardashian fans have become obsessed with her videos, which would normally average four million views. However, this ‘Getting Ready’ clip surpassed 22.3 million views.

One fan wrote: “I’m so fascinated with North West’s getting ready videos and using her Mom’s pricey a** skin care line. Slay.”

North’s close relationship with mother Kim

In recent months, fans have been seeing the duo more often on social media. Accompanying her mother around the world and attending fashion shows, North has become a fan favorite of the Kardashian clan.

During the summer, Kim spent a lot of time with her four children. Posting some of her memories with her kids, North has been the most featured child on her feed. It was then that fans began to see a special bond between the two.

North has become the mogul’s plus-one guest on several occasions, such as the famous wedding of Travis Barker and his sister Kourtney Kardashian. The little one also spent a lot of time with her mother during Paris Fashion Week.



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