North West is entertaining everyone with her TikToks lately, and this time she’s treating her two Pomeranians to a slap-up home-cooked meal. The video comes two weeks after mom Kim received backlash when the dogs were seen in the garage.

In a now-deleted video posted in December 2022, Kim Kardashian faced backlash after a since-deleted TikTok. The Christmas video was showing off the pooch’s decorations including a tree and stockings. The dogs were seen in the garage next to their pens, which made fans question if that was their permanent living situation.

The Kardashians are no strangers to being under scrutiny, with sister Khloe revealing on the last series of the show that she wasn’t a fan of attending red-carpet events due to anxiety from this.

North West treats dogs on TikTok

In the 15-second TikTok posted to Kim and North’s Instagram page, Kim and Kanye’s eldest daughter treated her two Pomeranians, Sushi, and Sake, to a homemade meal.

The video comes just two weeks after the pair faced backlash for allegedly keeping their dogs in the garage.

The meal, which looks like it would even impress celebrity chefs, contains rice, carrots, and lettuce, and the presentation was impressive for a 9-year-old.

Kim is making sure she won’t face any backlash this time, ending the video with printed guides, showing what dogs can and can’t eat.

The previous now-deleted video received a response from PETA

The previous video, which has since been deleted from the account received a response from PETA.

Speaking to PageSix, Peta spokesperson Lisa Lange said:

“Knowing that Kim Kardashian is anti-fur and mostly vegan, we are hoping hard that she does not relegate her dogs to life in a garage. What PETA does know is that dogs are highly social pack animals who need more than just soft beds and decorative stockings: They deserve to feel safe, loved, and to live inside the house as part of the family.”

The TikTok has been reposted by other accounts, where fans commented on their opinions. One viewer commented: “It still makes me feel bad for them.”

However, other TikTok users were defending the SKIMs owner’s decision. One penned: “I’m sure the garage is heated, they’re fine.”

Another said: “They have stockings and a tree. I think they are doing ok.”

North’s recent TikTok’s have been getting a lot of attention

North West is becoming more and more talked about on TikTok lately, first imitating her dad Kanye West, and then turning it around to her mom.

In the video imitating her father, North posed with a fake beard, lip-syncing along to his hit Bound 2 with her mom, who appears in the music video.

The skit has since accumulated over 57 million views and 8.7 million likes, becoming her most-viewed video on the platform.

She was then seen imitating her mom with her classic line, “I pretty much started this entire family.” Grandmom Kris definitely has a new prodigy on her hands with North!


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