North West‘s recent TikTok has rocked the world of BTS fans after her makeup collection consisted of one of the boy band member’s product.

North has become a star in her own right thanks to her TikTok fame. The nine-year-old’s videos regularly appear on her TikTok page – Kim and North.

The page has 9.5 million followers at the time of writing, and North’s videos have amassed more than160 million likes.

North West shows off impressive makeup collection on TikTok

North’s TikTok from a couple of days ago has gone viral on the platform as well as on Twitter. The video shows the nine-year-old organizing her makeup drawer.

The Kardashian-West kid sure does have a great variety of makeup products. Her collection is extremely vast in comparison to others of the same age.

Among the things featured, we see her aunt Kylie’s makeup products and one of My Melody and Kuromi. Fans also spotted the MACxLisa palette and blush.

She also has a variety of brushes, sponges, and more to apply the makeup perfectly.

The TikTok is set to the sound Son Original from the account ‘sfyedoom.’

However, one thing that caught the attention of many fans is BTS member J-Hope’s Mang bt21 sheet mask.

North West’s TikTok shows she has J-Hope’s Mang bt21 sheet mask

The product all the fans have been talking about is The Creme Shop BT21 Mangs Magical Printed Essence Sheet Mask. The product is priced at $4 on thecremeshop. It is sold out at the moment but fans can check again to get their hands on the future stock.

It is infused with salicylic acid which exfoliates the skin, tea tree oil which calms it as well as niacinamide which brightens the skin.

Many BTS fans might already know that Mang is J-Hope’s character. It is a dancing pony with a heart-shaped nose.

Hence, North having a Mang sheet mask sent many fans reeling.

Fans think J-Hope is North’s favourite BTS member

After watching North’s recent TikTok, many fans had the same thing to say – she’s a J-Hope stan!

“North West is J-Hope stan I think it’s a win,” one BTS’ army member wrote.

“No, because I fully believe North West is J-Hope biased. She got more Mang products,” a second person said.

“North West has so much mang stuff from the creme shop, she has taste,” said a third fan.

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