Just under a week before celebrating Christmas, North West updated fans with another day in her life. She gave a glimpse at making a healthy recipe, trying a TikTok trend, and another art painting. Earlier this year, North West’s painting skills were questioned by trolls after mom Kim Kardashian showed them off.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West might’ve made history in the beauty and music industry, but little North is pursuing a different path than her famous parents.

North’s painting skills have been questioned by many Kardashian fans and critics since last year, who seem unconvinced she was behind impressive pieces of art. However, TikTok came through as North shows a glimpse of another piece of art, proving haters wrong.

North West shows off another painting during Winter Break

On December 17, North updated her conjoint TikTok account with mum Kim to show off another day in her life. Getting into the Christmas spirit, the 14-second video shows off different snippets of her day.

“The second day of Winter Break feels like,” she wrote as Brenda Lee’s Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree played in the background.

In the sunny weather of Calabasas, North’s first clip in the sped-up video is another painting made by her. The nine-year-old, who then gets joined by her adorable Pomeranian, goes to cook spinach while doing a healthy green smoothie.

A total expert compared to Kendall’s cutting skills, Northie then goes to make the viral TikTok Chinese crunchy cucumber salad.

The eldest child of Kim and Kanye ends her video with another walk with Kim making a last-second appearance with a peace sign.

Mum Kim Kardashian defends her ‘Little artist North’ from cruel trolls

The SKIMS founder was defensive with a statement after North West’s painting skills were questioned by many fans and critics in February last year.

The 43-year-old was not happy seeing people doubting her “awesome” talents. She went to her Instagram account to express her anger: “Don’t pay with me when it comes to my children.”

She wrote: “My daugther and her best friend have been taking a serious oil painting class where their talents are being encouraged and nurtured.”

“North worked incredibly hard on her painting which took several weeks to complete,” she added. “. As a proud mom, I wanted to share her work with everyone.”

“I’m seeing op-ed pieces in the media and social media from grown adults breaking down whether or not my daughter actually painted this!”

Proving North’s talent runs in the family, the reality star showed off different art pieces Kanye had made when he was younger.

… But did North West really paint them?

During the Coronavirus pandemic, North unleashed her inner artist and used her talent to create stunning paintings. However, the first reveal of her painting didn’t get the excitement expected from fans. They simply couldn’t believe “a seven-year-old painted this”.

VICE reached out to experts to prove the authenticity of North’s painting. In conclusion, yes, North really did those.

Sarah Lepson, a professor of art history and chair of the Art Department at the Community College of Philadelphia, said: “One of the reasons that kids’ paintings look like kids’ paintings is that children don’t have any patience.”

“You give them paint and paper and they go to town, they have fun, and of course, the painting is going to come out looking like a 7-year-old did it,” she added.

“But if you sit a child down and walk them through it step-by-step, they could do [a painting like North’s].


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