In the past year, North West has been more open to sharing more of her life and her personality on social media. As the year is almost coming to an end, she went through the list of her favorite fashion looks over her childhood so far.

North is the oldest of Kim Kardashian and Kanye ‘Ye’ West’s four children. Both celebrities have been in the spotlight for many years now, and have left their marks in the music and fashion industry.

Growing up in a famous family, with a supermodel auntie and a father who also happens to be a fashion designer, it’s safe to say that good taste runs into her blood.

In a recent TikTok video, the nine-year-old shared her favorite fashion looks as her style changed through the years. She jumped on the trend of ‘Oh, who is she’, where users share a series of photos throughout the years.

She’s been through so many phases at a such young age – and fans love to see it!

North West’s best fashion looks over the past nine years

On November 26, North took to her joint TikTok account with her mother, Kim, to upload a video reminiscing about her childhood. It was part of the Oh, Who Is She trend on TikTok which uses a song of the same name.

North West has dug under past files to show off her nine years of fashion evolution. In the 12-second video, the clip shows her at different ages, from her first photo posted online to her current appearance.

One thing to note is that the star has appeared to have gone from wearing bright, coordinated ensembles to all-black outfits. Making funny faces, and recreating her father’s famous facial expression, North has also given the occasional smile (something she probably doesn’t get from her dad).

The nine-year-old has been in the spotlight for her fame on the TikTok app, with which she has already amassed 10.3 million followers.

In her videos, the little star shows off her daily life, as well as her outfit choices, makeup, and dances.

Fans say North is ‘running’ the app

North West tells mom Kim Kardashian about the attention she had outside the hotel
North West. Courtesy of Hulu/Disney Plus

Posting an average of 20 videos per week, North has made her own social media fandom. As the first child, she has become the center of attention, and fans love her personality.

Sharing all types of videos, her followers have concluded that she’s “running” the app, as they find their videos “hilarious” and “so entertaining to watch”.

Having been posting on the app as a distraction during the lockdown, Northie has now turned it into entertainment with members of the Kardashian fam ​​appearing occasionally.

One year later, her videos garnered a total of 211.6 million likes, with videos surpassing 2.2 million to 70 million views.

North’s fashion evolution – A ‘future fashion icon like her dad Kanye’

North was previously styled by her mother, Kim. The reality star dressed her for every occasion before the family was photographed outside or during events.

This year, fans have been able to see her expressing her own style by choosing her outfits. Now older, fans are starting to see influences from both of her parents. Many have agreed North has shown similar taste in clothing style to her father.

This summer, North accompanied her mother, Kim, in Milan and Paris for Haute Couture Week and Fashion Week. The little one went viral for her outfit, with many praising her for preparing to ‘over her parents’ empires’.


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